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Finally It Happened

For a long time I'd been looking at 'Luke' and dreaming, thinking about what lay ahead between us. We were both 14, and apparently horny. I was dark blonde, with green eyes and a normal build, Luke was of a thin build with lovely dark eyes. I'd always wanted something to happen between us, but for a while I'd been left dreaming, wishing something would happen.

He kept making little comments which kept me interested and when I touched him he didn't seem too bothered!

I didn't know where things were going between us, until one day out of the blue Luke invited me back to his house after school, to hang out, maybe play a game or two. I couldn't sleep when I found this out, I was so excited about getting to spend some extra time with Luke. And, to make it even more exciting for me, when I got to his house I found out his mum was still at work, kerching!

We played a few games but then got bored of that, so instead decided to watch a movie. We both sat on the same sofa, and as the movie went on, seemed to edge closer and closer together. By the end of it our legs were touching and I put my arm round his shoulder. He looked round at me and just smiled, and said 'I've been waiting for that for such a long time'

I said 'So have I!'

Luke then invited me to his bedroom, which after closing the door stepped up a notch or two! He pulled me near and we shared our first ever kiss, it was long and passionate, a way of removing all the built-up love between us. Luke then said to me,

'Shall we do it?'

I said 'Sure!'

We both took each others shirts off, Luke had a beautifully toned body with abs and muscles, it was beautiful. We shared an embrace like this, and felt so close.

Part Two coming soon

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