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Office Titties Turn Me On!

A girl who used to work for me sent me a picture of her topless. I'm twice her age. She has beautiful small breasts and large nipples. When she worked in the office, she was often braless, and in sheer blouses, I could make out her nipples easily. I would masturbate, sometimes as soon as she left the office.

A few weeks after she sent me the picture of her naked breasts, we connected on chat. She asked if I like the picture,

did u like the picture?


good. I thought u would.

you have beautiful breasts, I've always noticed them.

yeah, I could tell!



well, I tried to be discrete, but they're really awesome. I hope I didn't drool, lol!

can I tell u something?


it turns me on to have an older man like my tits.


ask u something personal?


did u masturbate to my picture.


how did you know?

I knew. I wanted u to, anyway

you know what?


sometimes I'd masturbate after you left the office, because your tits were so sexy.


I wish you still worked here, I miss seeing your titties through your blouse, but the picture was fantastic!

guess what?


I would wear stuff that showed my tits when we'd be alone at the office, just to tease u.

wow, you did, didn't you!! it all makes sense.

thx. it turned me on. can I tell u something secret. u can't tell anyone. promise?


when I first started working there, m and me were talking, and she said, 'if you ever want to make the boss happy, just let him look down your blouse.

oh shit, she really said that??

yeah. there's more. we were laughing about that, and she said, 'I bet he jerks off constantly.


and you know what? I got so turned on that later I had to go to the toilet and get off. I mean it turned me on something fierce.

really? what turned you on?

thinking your were jerking off on the girls in the office.

wow. well I was. I still do.

I know. I sent u my picture. I almost came thinking about it. I think I'm a pervert. haha!


really, it's weird. I would never fuck u, but that makes me wetter than hell..

wow-makes me horny.

lol maybe you should go masturbate now!


yeah, go do it!


see ya!


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