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When I was many years younger and in good shape, an ER nurse was my neighbor.

Often she would call me over for a favor, either putting an antenna on her roof or hooking up her VCR, or just moving something for her.

With all the favors I did for her she always wanted to do one in return. Not really needing any I always opted for a massage. I would lie naked on her floor after she put down a towel and she would give my back and legs a massage. I never bothered to hide my penis since she was a nurse and as she put it 'I've seen them all.'

One day she came over and asked a favor that she could borrow a VCR tape. She knew what I had as I had told her. She wanted an adult video tape but nothing with girl girl stuff on it. She said lesbians grossed her out. They didn't me.

I told her to just fast forward through the first scene.

Later that night she brought it back, she said it didn't have what she wanted to see.

'What was that?' I asked her.

'To see a guy shoot.' She replied.

I told her she must have seen that before. She had and then she confessed it wasn't really for her but a young nurse that started working at the same hospital. She was fresh out of nursing school. She was still a virgin and hadn't even seen a penis before except a few pictures.

She was going to come over and watch a video tape with her that night. I told her that I'd be happy to come over too and they both could watch me shoot. We set up a date for the next night.

Turns out this young nurse was too bashful to do it. I had met her before and knew she was kind of timid.

We finally came up with a plan. She would tell her to come over and hide in the closet and she could watch from there and I wouldn't know she was there. Of course I did know and was looking forward to it. It never did happen though. There was always one excuse after another why she couldn't come over.

It was all that she was scared of getting caught.

What the hell do mothers do to screw up their daughters heads like that. Sexuality should be free of guilt and dumb head trips.

I know this gal was dying to get fucked but in her head she thought it was wrong to have normal healthy feelings for guys.

Months go by and my neighbor calls me to come over. I say it's raining and what ever she wants me to do it can wait til tomorrow. She says it can't. If it doesn't happen now it probably never will. 'Okay, what is it?'

'Can you come over so we can watch it shoot?'

'We? Who's we?'

'You know. What we talked about before.'

'You gotta be kidding me. She's there? Is she in the closet?'

'No. She's ready for it. She wants to now.'

I quickly get my coat and an umbrella and run over.

I get there and both of them are sitting on the couch. They have a chair across from them with a towel draped over it. I dry off and sit down.

Now for months I've had this fantasy and its given me many a good wanks but tonight its not happening with me. I just don't see the arousal in it anymore.

I say I'm sorry but I'm not into doing this anymore. For one thing its kind of cold in here and for another, well it just doesn't feel sexual to me.

The heat comes on and the pleading starts.

'Well at least show her your cock then.'

'Okay. I'll do that'

I stand up, unzip my fly and pull out my cock. That's all it took. Immediately it starts to grow. I'm standing there showing my cock to this young nurse and she's got eyes as big as saucers. She's leaning forward, almost drooling.

I'm taking this all in. For the first time I really give her a good look. She's totally hot and I like what I'm seeing. Nice pretty face, short red hair and a curvy body with nice tits.

I sit down and start to stroke it,. That's when my neighbor comes over with the lotion and hands it to her friend.

I ask what's going on. 'She'll do it for you.'

Now I am totally hard. I thought I was going to come over and beat off for them. With her wanting to hide in the closet an all.

This young red headed nubile girl comes over to me and kneels on the floor in front of me and gives me a hand job.

My friend gets up to pour herself a glass of wine and says, Don't let him shoot until I get back. I want to watch too.'

I had no intention of not letting this go as far as I could. I must have let her stroke me for an hour. She was a real trooper, she would just change hands, moaning and rocking all the while.

I'm looking at the expression on both their faces. My friend is watching in amusement while this gal is in another world. Her eyes are looking sideways at me her jaw is loose and hanging to one side, her lips have a most unusual appearance to them. Not the lest bit symmetrical anymore. and her body is shaking.

I can't wait any longer. I tell them not to blink. 'I'm going to shoot it, watch it, watch it now.'

They may have their eyes on my dick but my eyes are else where.

I shoot off, this gal almost screams in delight. All the while she had a banter going about how gorgeous and big my cock is and why she's waited so long to see this. Now she's quietened down, her body really starts to shake. She has a serious case of the shudders. I've seen it before in girls after you make them come multiple times.

Her face goes absolutely red in a flush, even her shoulders and arms look flushed to me.

She had to have come just from watching me.

My neighbor is sitting on the couch with wine in one hand and her pussy in the other.

There is jizz all over. Some in her hair, some on her chin and neck, some on me and the towel but mostly its on her hands.

If ever there should have been a porn movie made this should have been it.

I've had many a good wanks recalling that day in my mind. If this gal ever quit nursing it would have had to been to open a massage parlor. She was a natural. Paula, I hope you read this.

I never told anyone this story before, not even my wife.

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