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Magic Hands

While reading the submission, 'Drives Him Crazy', submitted on October 25, I was reminded of a massage parlor I used to go to quite often. There was a woman who used the name Barbie that worked there. Barbie was older than the other girls working there. I would guess her to have been in her early 40's. Being an older man who is really turned on by younger women, I might not have chosen Barbie, but the second time I visited the place Barbie was the only one available at that time. So I decided to see what she could do for me.

Let me tell you. From that second visit on, there was never a choice in who I wanted. If fact, if Barbie was not working the day I went in, I left and went back another day. If she was busy when I went in, I waited for her. That woman could do more with her hands than most women can do with their pussy. Never in my life have I ever had a woman make my dick feel as good as Barbie could with her hands. I didn't look to see what she was doing. I just lay there and enjoyed the feeling. I do know that she oiled me up good and one hand would be massaging my balls while the other hand worked on my dick. She would tease you and bring you almost to the point of cumming then back off. It was as if she could tell when you got close. Once she got me close to cumming she could back off and pinch my nipples and do other things to me to get me to slow down, then she would go back to work on my dick.

Most women in places like that will try to make you cum as quickly as possible. Most of them like it if you have paid for an hour and they can get you to shoot your load in fifteen minutes. Barbie on the other hand would stay for the full hour. She would try to make the wonderful feeling last as long as she could. Barbie would always get totally naked and let me play with her tits and pussy as much as I wanted to. She would rub her tits all over my body. Then once she had me hard she went to work.

She had a knack for keeping me on the edge for the full hour before letting me cum. And when I was ready to cum she got in a position where I would shoot my cum all over her face and tits. I sometimes thought that she got off on me cumming on her.

Then after she had drained my balls completely, she kept playing with my dick until it was totally soft. She then cleaned me up, washed me off and always ended the session by kissing me on the head of my dick. She then helped me get dressed and would always give me a little kiss on the lips just as I was ready to leave the room. The girls at this particular place worked on tips and believe me, Barbie always got a big one from me.

The last time I visited the place I asked for Barbie and they told me she had was no longer working there. On that visit, I selected a sweet looking young thing and went back to the room with her. I paid her and she left for me to get undressed. After she came back to my room I asked her about Barbie. She said Barbie had made enough money that she didn't have to work any longer. I could certainly understand how she did. Although the girl I selected on my last visit was young (she looked to be around 18 or 19) and very cute with a nice body, she was not like Barbie. Sure, I enjoyed her seeing me naked and I enjoyed seeing and playing with her sweet young body, but I could have jacked myself off better than she did. It just wasn't the same so I never went back. I have tried other places and although I have had some good cums, none of them were as good as Barbie. It was evident that Barbie really enjoyed what she was doing. The others were doing it just for the money.

Posted on: 2010-10-26 00:00:00 | Author: