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It All Started Here

Years ago we moved to a house with an outdoor above the ground pool. The pool was surrounded by an eight foot high board fence, so it was quite private.

When the kids were away my wife and I would enjoy the pool by ourselves. My wife would climb out of the pool and pull her swim suit aside and squat in the grass and pee. I watched her a few times from behind and when she would get back in the pool I would have a raging hardon and we would masturbate each other in the pool.

She liked to put her pussy near the return jet's stream to cum. One time when she got out to pee I told her to turn around so I could see. She asked 'does than turn you on?' and I replied 'yes...very much' so she proceeded to give me a pee show right there in the grass.

That made me so horny I couldn't stand it and told her so. From then on our pee games started and it was just so hot for both of us every time.

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