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Cum in My Girlfriends Panties

My girlfriend has taken a summer job so she is gone most of the day. I am left at home alone for hours upon hours. This is where this site has been such a help for me with so much time on my hands I have been masturbating a lot. I get on the site and read all these kinky stories and it gets my dick all hard. I like to walk around naked with my huge hard on knowing that my girlfriend is at work. I get some of her new clean panties and bring them over while I read Solo Touch. I stroke my big hard cock while I fantasise about 100's of different woman masturbating, it's really hot because my girlfriend used to masturbate a lot with her hairbrush or banana's, curling irons, and candles and such so look for stories like that as I jerk off my big cock.

When I find a good story I stroke my dick hard and fast it gets me off knowing that my girlfriend is stuck at work all night and I am at home feeling myself and feeling what is about to be an amazing orgasm. When I finally to do cum I let out some huge jets of my hot sticky cum all over my girlfriends clean panties right on the inside where her pussy would sit. The hottest part of it is when the panties are dry I put them back in her underwear drawer for her to wear again. When I see her get ready for work she puts on a pair of panties that are COVERED with my dry cum as soon as she leaves for work I do it all over again it will be sad when the summer is over and she is done with work it will be harder for me to masturbate.

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