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Caught in the Rain

I was with my best friend and since it was a nice day we walked to the park. When we were there it started to get cloudy and windy. We tried to get home as fast as we could, and on the way back it started to sprinkle. We were right down the street from her house when it opened up and started pouring. We were only out in it for about a minute, but we were soaked. When we got inside we were freezing so we stripped off our wet clothes and threw them in the dryer. After we dried off, she put on her bath robe, but since we aren't exactly the same size, her clothes wouldn't fit me. She is like a rail and I am on the chunky side. I tried to put on a pair of her sweatpants but it was no use, I had no choice but to stay naked for a while.

We sat around in her room for a while talking about the day, school, people and things like that. At one point the conversation died down, and she made a comment about not having any hair between my legs. She didn't know it, but I had been shaving almost since I hit puberty. There isn't anything sexual about it since I'm still a virgin, I just hate hair. I told her about how much I like it and how much cleaner it is, and she said she wanted to try it but was afraid of cutting herself, so she asked if I could help her. I said I would so we went into the bathroom, she opened up her robe and sat on the edge of the tub and lathered up her hair. She took the razor and started to shave it off, but wasn't getting very close. I told her I would do it for her, so I spread apart her lips and gently shaved off all her hair. When I was just about done, I heard her whimper a little bit and her eyes were closed. Doing this was getting her horny.

I don't know what came over me, but I started running my finger up and down her wet slit. When she moaned, I lost control and started rubbing her. I didn't know what was going on, nothing like this had ever happened before, but we were both caught up in the moment. She put her feet on my shoulders and I worked on her soapy pussy. In no time she let out a loud squeal and a drop of wetness ran down onto my hand. She caught her breath, threw off her robe and led me back to her room, got me up on the bed and started rubbing my very, very wet vagina. Within minutes I was rolling around with her between my legs, my toes spreading and wiggling, caught up in an extremely strong and wet orgasm.

For about a half hour we kept masturbating each other, and at one point she was on top of me rubbing herself on my thigh. When she came, she collapsed on top of me and we both ended up falling asleep. The dryer buzzing woke both of us up, and when we realized we basically just had sex, we couldn't help but giggle and laugh. Before we got dressed, we both promised it would never leave her room, but we could always do it again sometime.

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