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Me and My Girl Cousin


I remember starting to masturbate when I was about 12 or 13. Before that I didn‚??t know much about it. In that time one of my friends had his birthday party and his mom left the house sometime in the evening. My friend knew that his mom had hardcore porno movies in her bedroom and we all ended up in watching an XXX Movie.

Well I have to say that my parents are divorced, my dad lives in the USA and my mom and me live in Germany. When I was about 6 was probably the first time I ever visited him since they divorced. It was pretty nice trip. At that time I wasn‚??t into girl as much (not meaning I‚??m gay) as I am now but my cousin Jennifer always tried to kiss me and stuff like that, which I didn‚??t enjoy back then.

But I visited my dad every summer from than on. It was probably not until 4or 5 year‚??s later. I came over there that summer wasn‚??t really talking English that well and my cousin always wanted me to spent a night with them, as I did.

There was one night I quite remember my cousin and me were in her room about all day and played Nintendo until we decided to do the if you show me I show you thing. It was the first time I had seen a girl‚??s pussy. My cousin was only 7 or 8 year‚??s old when we did that. We kept showing each other and playing kind of "games" with each other but the problem was that my aunt was in the living room just beside Jennifer‚??s bedroom. But we were lucky not getting caught cause my aunt had no idea what we were doing.

The next day when I was at my grandma‚??s one of the first things I did was going to the bathroom to get myself off with what I have seen the day before. But except getting myself off a few times a week that was all my cousin and me did that summer.

The next year‚??s I came over it was pretty much the same than the year before. But still "fun ", and now my cousin was a really knock out.

But the last 2 times I have been over there were alright. In 1998 my cousin started to play around with her beautiful nice big tits. She was horny as hell and I was lying on her bed shivering and my dick was rock hard. It wouldn‚??t have been a problem to fuck her what I really wanted but didn‚??t do because at first she is part of my family and the other thing is she was still very young. But last summer was really nice when I stayed at my cousin‚??s house. One night I could again see that she was horny cause I could her hard nipples trough her shirt. She talked to some friend‚??s on the phone about all night and I fell a sleep cause it was boring for me. But than some time in the early morning I woke up because there was something I felt around my balls and dick. As I opened my eyes I saw that Jennifer was playing around with my balls and stroking my dick. I really loved the felling of her doing that for me. I started to lick and touch her tits but I than stopped because I really didn‚??t want to fuck her because she is part of the family and 3 or 4 years younger then I‚??m. But I had my good hand job for that night. The next day we played around and talked some and kind of to pay back what she had done for me I started to tickle her pussy with my foot and fingers, which she really enjoyed. She was really about to cum but we immediately had to stop because her mom was coming home and a few day‚??s after I had to fly back to Germany.

Now I do have a girlfriend and we masturbate for each other a lot of time which is really a turn on I also cyber if I‚??m in the mood for it. If any girls want to contact me on ICQ my # is 56834141.

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