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Driving Class

So first I have to describe myself, I'm 5'6' dark curly long hair. I model and I cheerlead. I guess I'm pretty, I'm told that a lot. Anyway I was in drivers ed. about an hour before it was over I suddenly had to pee. But I knew if I asked the teacher he wouldn't let me. It was hot in the room and we were all bored. I looked up and this super hot guy was looking at me. You know that kind of look, where the guy can't keep his eyes off of you. Then I got really wet. It was odd, and I really wanted to go to the bathroom. I took a long shot and asked he said sure.

I walked into the bathroom, and before I could think he walked in after me. Yes the hottie that was looking at me. He smiled a beautiful smile. I didn't know what to do. I was about to tell him my name, when he grabbed my and pulled me in for the most amazing kiss. I was soaked by this time. His hands slid down my back and his fingers traced the top of my thong all the way to the front. I shave down there, so when his fingers slipped down it was cold. He turned me around and pushed me up on the wall. He was kissing my neck and moving down, and down. His fingers touched my clit, he whispered something to me but I don't remember. He rubbed me and I felt so amazing. I was so close to cumming when the door opens and someone came in.

We stopped right then. The girl wasn't in the driving class, but I walked right out of the bathroom anyway and went back to class. I was so wet. My clit begging to be rubbed, it was throbbing. We still had about 45 minutes left before it was over. My hands were shaking. I couldn't think. I wanted to pull down my pants and finger myself right there in front of everyone. I wanted to cum on the guy. The teacher called him Jake later. I wanted him I could feel the wetness seeping down my leg. I prayed to god it was leaving a spot. After class I waited for everyone to leave before I got up, to make sure there wasn't a spot. It was getting hard to walk. I need to cum so bad.

I got a text from my mom telling me to find a ride home or wait an hour. Jakes brother had a car and let him drive because the school wasn't far. He came up to him and asked if I wanted a ride, did I even have to answer?? Duhh. We got in the car, I didn't tell him how to get to my house because I knew we weren't going there. We. Got to the beach. It was kinda romantic. I wanted him so bad. We walked down to the beach and I took off my shirt and jeans he started to finger me it was amazing. I came so hard. I was shaking. But we weren't done yet. I pulled his pants down and jacked him off. He had the biggest dick, so long and thick. I jacked him so hard, it makes me wet to think about it. I grabbed his balls and he moaned. He shot his load all over my boobs, then I started to lick it off.

I have jilled many times to this. He and I are still dating. I am really wet right now, it's to the point where it's getting on my bed. I'm going to finger my self, right now.

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