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Outdoor Tryst With Him

Last night...the girl went out onto her front porch...which happens to be on a fairly busy state highway in her town, and with a happy smile on her face, dialed the number for the one who makes her quiver. Relaxing back she waits for him to answer and as she hears his deep, masculine voice, she fights off a shiver and whispers 'Hey.' in a tiny little voice.

As the conversation progresses, they talk about so many things. And He takes the time to reassure her doubts and fears. Making her feel special and cherished simply by the sound of his voice in her ear.

Without the girl even realizing it the conversation took a turn toward the erotic. she is revealing intimate details about herself, fetishes, and in truth her fears as far as exploring her sexuality goes. Suddenly she hears him say in that quietly commanding voice of his, 'Reach down and rub that pussy for Me.' and without a moments hesitation she lifts the hem of her nightshirt and runs her fingers over her slit.

Her whimpers can be heard if anyone dared to poke their heads out of their front doors. The girl slips a finger between her lips...stroking up and down her wet slit...moaning softly into the phone held to her ear as she listens to his hums of approval and the ever precious 'Good girl' rumbling from him to her from a thousand miles away.

His pleasure with her actions spurring her toward that slippery edge of climax...quivering on the porch swing outside her house in the wee small hours of the morning. Whimpering and moaning her breath catches in her throat...biting her bottom lip she makes a sound that gives him the signal that she needs to release badly.

So far gone, the little submissive girl whimpers and moans as he gives her the command to cum for him. Having to keep hold of herself so as not to wake the neighbors. she releases in a quick rush for him. Writhing and moaning softly, her breath coming in quick little pants.

Purring softly, she hears the wonderful man praising her for her boldness and her willingness to do what he says, trusting him to never lead her astray. The reassurance and pleasure in his voice as He says 'That's My good girl.'

The delight she feels hearing the pride in his voice carrying through to her makes her nearly glow with pleasure. Giggling as they discuss her getting caught. Happily basking in the aftermath of doing what he said. Dreaming of the day when she is able to feel his hands on her skin, his breath brushing her face. The possibilities endless as they fly through her little submissive head as she concentrates on the sound of his delicious voice.

Suddenly, the girl hears him say 'Why don't you reach down and rub that pussy for me?' Unsure that she even heard him correctly, she instantly jumps to do as he asked. Gasping, she shudders, nearly sliding bonelessly out of the porch swing, cars driving by, surely noticing what she is doing. That thought only adding to the eroticism of the task at hand.

Hearing how quickly she reaches the edge of release he rumbles out 'Sounds like you need to cum...ohh yeahhh you better cum now.' Nearly blinded by her desire and the fire burning within her to please him she flies over the edge of climax...soaking her hand as she shudders and moans, tiny mewing sounds slipping from her as does.

His praise and reassurance wrapping around her like a warm hug, holding her close and keeping her safe. His voice holds a particularly masculine sound of approval as he calls her 'His good girl' and sends her off to bed with a smile on her face and a warm glow in her heart.

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