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Sometimes, Masturbation Beats Fucking

The first time I saw Liz was in a photograph. She was 16 at the time and in a swimming pool. Her bikini was so small I needed a magnifying glass and even then it was almost invisible! When I met her for real, I found she was tall, incredibly fit and, although what one may call very small in the boob department, was certainly all woman. It was Christmas and she kissed me full on the lips, remarking to my wife that she 'Wouldn't mind another one of those.' My wife told her to go ahead and we had a brief French Kiss under the mistletoe. Over the next few years, we met up once a year. Liz would always seem to be wearing very little. Sometimes a long shirt of her husbands, other times a loose fitting summer dress. Either way, it seemed to me she would always sit in such a way as to show me her knickers.

Then, her husband just left her. It seems he bats for the other team, and the other team won! Liz was on her own and showed no sign of being interested in anyone else. Then, she came to stay with us for a couple of weeks.

As usual, I thought Liz was teasing me by wearing her usual revealing clothes and sitting in a way that showed me quite a lot.

One evening, we were all watching a quite racy film on the TV. Liz remarked that it was ok, but a pity it wasn't a full on porn film. My wife said that if that is what she wanted, we had some we could watch. Oddly, I felt really uncomfortable at the thought. My wife always gets so horny watching porn and so do I. I figured I would be really uncomfortable until I could go to bed with my wife or go and jack off. So we started to watch the film. Liz was very fidgety. I guessed it was a long time since she had any kind of sex. At one point she had her knees up on the chair she was sitting on and the crotch of her knickers was full on to me and my wife. (We were sitting on the settee, and I had my hand up her skirt fingering her (I hoped) invisibly to Liz. My wife looked over at her and said 'Jeez, Looks like Liz is about ready for a cock herself. Look at how wet she is.' Liz opened her legs wider and said 'Hmm.. well, I don't know that I want to fuck, but a couple of fingers would be nice'. I thought she meant she would masturbate but instead my wife said 'Why don't you take your fingers out of my pussy and put them in Liz's. We can fuck later.'

I walked over to Liz and stroked her knickers. They were slick with wetness and Liz shivered at my touch. I peeled them off her and was rewarded by the sight of a perfectly smooth pussy with a small tattoo just on her mound. I began to finger her and BOY did she enjoy it, arching her back and really digging it. Then she turned over and I saw to my surprise a tatto on her back. I have always loved these. I know they are vulgar and some people call them 'Tramp Stamps', but I love them. So I held her open so my wife who by now was masturbating, could see me finger fucking her friend. This went on for a while until Liz gasped 'Ohh shit, I'm cumming.' Cumming. Yes, and squirting too. I heard my wife gasp as a jet arched from Liz and landed on her. Then I heard the familiar obscenities as my wife orgasmed too.

Liz, as I said, didn't want to fuck, but she did want to watch my wife and I. So we treated her to a display while Liz used my wife's vibrator and dildo to cum several more times. I loved watching my wife's dildo inside Liz, knowing it had been inside my wife only that morning.

We took Liz's knickers to bed with us that night and, as a complete shock to me, (I was jacking off and having my wife talk dirty to me) I said something about I wish I could see my wife and Liz get it on. She picked up Liz's knickers from my face and started to smell and lick them out while she played with herself. She got totally into it, gasping Liz's name as she came. Then we lay quietly in bed listening to Liz masturbating again upstairs.

Later? Well, once Liz rediscovered her love of sex, we 'did', if you know what I mean, but even then, most of what we did was mutual masturbation. Liz even fingered my wife and my wife fingered her. I had no idea my wife had any 'real' lesbian tendencies but they did that and more and obviously loved every second of it.

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