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Shaving My Pussy Bare

I love masturbating and this site gives me lots of help. Here is what I did last night after reading some stories. I have always kept my pussy hairy as it's only me that ever sees or pumps it.

But I read some stories and got myself excited last night and thought I would give my pussy a restyle. I was naked on my bed with my legs spread wide, and wet it all over with hot water. This was quite a turn on as water was going into my pussy lips, but continued by squirting shower gel over my hairy mound and rubbing to get lather. Then started to shave away the strips of hair down the side. I did this until I had only a small runway of short hair on my pussy. I have mirrored wardrobes facing my bed, so could now see my newly transformed pussy. It did not look like mine, so got horny and fingered it which felt like I was masturbating someone else's pussy. I think there is something more personal about frantically fingering my pussy and furiously rubbing my swollen clit, than there is when using my vibrator. To watch myself (which I always do) it looks more desperate. I had an amazing orgasm and the wetness was noisy as it was slopping about a smooth pussy.

But this was not enough, I wanted all the hair gone now, so set about with my razor again to remove the last little strip all the time rubbing my clit again. Soon it was all gone, and my pussy was glowing so smooth and bare. I wanted to see what my huge pink vibrator would look like inserted in this new look pussy. Normally I only use my vibe on my clit as it so big. But I wanted it inside me. So I covered it in lotion and along with my own juices it slowly went deep inside me. I then turned it on to rotate motion and started to slowly pump it in and out. I was watching all this in the mirror and it looked so great no hair to obscure the pumping. I then turned the rabbit ears on to my clit and kept inserting it slowly but deeply to hit my g spot. I wanted this to last, it looked so strange seeing the large pink vibe coming in and out of my newly shaved pussy.

Eventually I knew I was ready and exploded, I had to remove the vibe right away as my clit was so swollen it was too sensitive. When I opened up my pussy lips it looked so weird so pinky red and swollen inside but so white and smooth outside, I could see everything that was happening to it after the orgasm.

I am now going to have keep to keep my shaving routine, as I love feeling and wanking it when it is so clean and smooth.

Going to have to go and pound on my smoothness as I got that tingling feeling between my legs that needs attending. Will enjoy this no doubt......

Posted on: 2010-03-16 00:00:00 | Author: