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At Long Last

Rather than cook for myself I ate dinner two or three nights at a local diner. I saw Neil often and we just said hello to each other for the longest time. Neal is 73 and a retired policeman who's wife died five years ago. One night, over a year ago, the diner was exceptionally crowded and he offered to let me sit with him. We talked for a long time and my first thoughts were that he was a very nice old man. Gradually we began eating dinner together on a regular basis. Over months we discussed our families and just about everything in our lives. The more we talked the more we revealed to each other at times revealing personal situations and relationships. He admitted to cheating on his wife several times and how guilty he now felt about it after her death. I also told him of my marriages and some of the affairs I had over the years. We talked about sex many times and had no problem telling dirty jokes to each other. We would laugh when either a waitress or other customer thought he was my father. I began having him over to my apartment for dinner once a week and he was thrilled at having a home cooked meal. Our conversations became more intimate as time went on and we felt free to tell each other anything.

It was eight months ago that I confessed to him that I masturbated on a regular basis and that I had purchased a vibrator and dildos. He told me he also masturbated at times but was now having problems getting a full erection. He said he hadn't had sex since his wife died and I told him I hadn't been with a man for the longest time either. He started telling me that I aroused him and that he sometimes masturbated thinking about me. I laughed it off at first but knew he was serious. I had showed him my vibrator and the three dildos I use and he began questioning how I used them and other personal guestions about them saying he never saw one before. Just the talk with him had me aroused and I'm not sure what or how it was said but I offered to let him watch me. I do remember him saying he hasn't seen a women naked for so long and I think I felt sorry for him but was also aroused just by our conversation.

I undressed in front of him and was suprized by my lack of embarrassment. We went into the bedroom where I layed down and began masturbating, first with my finger then using a dildo and vibrator. I am usually satisfied when I climax but just by him watching aroused me more than usual. I no sooner had an orgasm and became aroused all over again. Neal then asked if I minded if he masturbated and of couse I didn't object. He stood and took his pants off and masturbated as I did a second and third time. It seemed to take him a long time to cum but he eventually did. I could see his erection was not real hard but he was able to cum.

Ever since that night he comes to my apartment for dinner every Saturday and I go to his place every Tuesday when we order Pizza or Chinese food. After the first few times we began masturbating each other and we both enjoy each others company. He enjoys using the vibrator and dildos on me and I enjoy jerking him off. He is so grateful to me he constantly says thank you which I tell him not to say anymore. I am the one who is thankful and am finally in a safe relationship. His age doesn't matter to me and he is one of the kindest and considerate men I have ever met.

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