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While writing this, I'm masturbating. I've got my cock out of my pants, my balls are tight and I have a box of tissues beside me. There are other things I should be doing but I've woken up with full balls and need to empty them. If I don't I won't concentrate anyway so I've turned on the computer and gone to a site where people show off - couples fuck, and guys and girls masturbate.
It's a favourite place when I play with my dick.

You don't always see something worth watching but this morning I've watched a young guy, 22, jerk his cock and shoot a big load - very horny. Looked about 7', uncut. Now there is a couple, he's 29, playing around. They're both dressed but he has his hands on her tits and he's pulled her panties aside and I can see her cunt....He's got her clothes off but still in bra and thong. He's pulled her tits out of her bra....she's a very, very cute blond, shaven slit.

He's showing her off...there must be a thousand guys pulling their dicks watching her - I know I am.

I'll continue watching while I tell you one of my fantasies. Many involve incest and this one is about a mother who masturbates her son each morning so that he won't be distracted from his studies at school (there's a myth that Japanese mothers do that for their sons). She calls it milking him. She was taught that this was the right thing to do by her own mother and she often helped her mother with her three brothers and her father when she was a girl.
But now she has to go away for a week or so, so she shows her 15yo daughter how to give a good hand job and the daughter is responsible for looking after her brother and father each morning.
Of course, she gets horny as well and they both start fingering her tight little slit.....etc. (I do have a thing for teenage cunt).

I have other fantasies and might write about them another time. Right now I need to milk my own balls while I watch this blond. I hope he cums on her face...don't see that too often.

Posted on: 2010-03-05 00:00:00 | Author: