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Me and My Girlfriend

Me and my girlfriend have been together four months in February, and we are very intimate, we have evenings of sexual activities, some of which I can't mention.

Anyway, we were at her house and we were having a party... seemed like a normal night, until we were all talking and trying to sleep.. you know that part of the party when everyone is sleepy, and then try to go to sleep but can't ?? lol

She started hugging me, while we were laying there, then she started tracing her finger around my belly button so lightly it made me sigh a bit hehe. She then started getting lower, rubbing my hips, then out of the blue she started rubbing my cock through my trousers I moaned a bit, and the girl who was the other side of me asked what was the matter I said I hurt my thing I know she has undone my buttons and fly on my jeans and was in, jacking me!!!

So I looked at her and she winked as to say 'well your turn...' so I carried on hugging her and started rubbing her tits (perfect size, not too big and not too small) then I got lower and lower, making sure I did what I usually do, which turns her on, unbuttoning her skinnie jeans was a nightmare..!! I couldn't do it, but she did it for me, so after that I stuck my hand right down into her lacy knickers, and through her shortish pubes straight to the soaking wet secret my baby was hiding from me... next thing I know she starts to take my hand out of her underwear and starts to stand up and says 'I won't sleep at all down here, I'm going upstairs to my bed!' So I then had to push up the 'tent' in my trousers and then go upstairs. Following her up there, she was teasing me. As soon as my back hit the pillow she was on top of me kissing me, undressing me!

I slipped her out of her tshirt and bra, and kissed her tits and licked them and I looked up to see the look of pure exctasy on her face, then me laying there naked said let's make this fair, and undressed her, as soon as her lacy knickers were off, we were smothering each other with our hands!!

I was aiming to make her cum first! she had no idea what was about to happen... I was rubbing her little clit slowly and faster and faster and she was making so much noise I'm surprised no one came in! I started sticking one finger in, then two, then I carried on rubbing her clit with my thumb she was getting so close so I stopped then and carried on only on her clit, then she started moaning louder, louder and LOUDER and then she let out this little scream as she came! OMG I nearly came right there and then.. After she had come down from her cum, she kissed me intensely and squeezed my 7.5inch (and quite thick) cock just the way I like it and started teasing me, but playing with my uncut foreskin, and rubbing the sensitive bit...

I was in heaven, she gives me handjobs like a professional. I was laying there with my cock being jacked by this sexy girl and kissing her hard as I can and she was edging me, it was so unfair. My girlfriend likes to bite and scratch me, and to be honest it is so fucking hot, but it does hurt my neck A LOT, she continually jacked me. I told her I was about to cum, and she slowed right down, then she went as fast as she possibly could, and I came, EVERYWHERE all over her, on the wall behind me, my neck, hair, her tits. We cleaned it up with the knickers she was wearing, and for the rest of the night from two when we finished, till four, we kissed constantly and then fell asleep, what a great night!!!

Thanks for reading, hope you liked it, I sure did.

Posted on: 2010-02-04 00:00:00 | Author: