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Aunt's House

My wife has this aunt that is not bad looking, even if a little overweight. But, she has these really great big boobs. She plays the part of being a really sweet, innocent lady, but I came to find that there is more to that than meets the eye.

Several years ago, she was married and they had a weekend ranch out in the country. Sometimes they'd go down there for a week at a time and since I worked very near their house, they asked me to go over every day or two and take their mail and newspapers into the house. I began running over there on my lunch hour which gave me at least 40-45 minutes to hang out and watch TV or whatever.

One day, there was a package from Adam and Eve in the mail. Well, my curiosity began getting the best of me, so I started to snoop around a bit. The first thing that I did was to poke around in the drawers to the bedside tables. To my surprise, I found a whole wealth of stuff. There was one of those big wand vibrators and a whole slew of semi-rigid 'toys', all of which were bigger than MY member and a night gown that I would never have expected that she would wear. It was pretty thin and definitely very short as well as low cut. There were also several 'penis extensions'. Finding that stash really piqued my curiousity even more and I started to snoop around in his closet.

On the top shelf of the closet I found a whole bunch of porno tapes (before DVD's were so widely used). They had a VCR in both their bedrooms and their living room. Obviously, I had to check some of them out. Over the next few days, I spent at least my full lunch hour at their house watching those tapes. I started out just rubbing myself through my clothes, but before long I was getting totally naked, playing with their toys, and dumping at least one load every day. Sometimes I'd even make an additional stop by there before heading home after work.

Every time they went out of town for any reason, I was quick to jump up and volunteer to keep their mailbox empty. It gave me a chance to keep my balls empty, too.

She has since divorced and retired, so I never get that sort of chance anymore.

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