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Shower Head

I love masterbating with a removeable shower head!

It feels soo wonderful!I have my own bathroom with a removeable shower head, so when I'm feeling kinda horny I'll go take a shower. So when I'm in the shower I take down my shower head and turn on to full pressure, I then get into a squirt and have the water from the shower head pushing against my clit. I start off by slowly going around in circles until the feeling starts to build up, then I go up and down still trying to keeping most of the pressure on my clit. I then just hold it there on my clit and eventually the sensation is insane! & I'm almost screaming cause it feels sooo good! Eventually I have to stop cause my pussy is pulsing! then I start again and see if I can go longer! I have had some amazing orgasms from doing this!

Posted on: 2010-01-09 00:00:00 | Author: