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Only Once

The last day he was here we again went to the beach. When we left that afternoon we took home two other girls and the van didn't have enough seats. I ended up in the back sitting on Lukes lap the entire ride home. We were sort of squashed in the back corner of the van and his hands were on my thighs. At first his one hand was kind of stoking my inner thigh. I didn't say anything to him and everyone was talking and joking around. I was still in my bathing suit and was real cold becuase Mike had the air conditioner on. My girlfriend gave me a dry beach towel to cover myself and that's when it happened.

I thought it was accidental the first time but his hand touched my vagina. Then it happened a second and third time and his other hand came up just below my breasts. I didn't say anyhing to him and the next thing I knew he was just rubbing between my legs, mostly on the inside of my thighs but he kept touching my vagina. I still said nothing and was aroused by it. No one could see what he was doing since the towel was completely covering me. After about five minutes of this I realized he had an erection. For a moment he moved his hand and I could feel his naked penis on the side of my leg. By this time I was so aroused I was getting wet. He continued to rub my vagina and I tried not to be obvious that I was turned on by it. It was embarrassing and I didn't want anybody knowing I was aroused.

I did close my eyes once in a while because it felt so good but was so afraid my friends would find out what he was doing to me. I just let him continue and after a short time his hand went inside my bathing suit and he began to finger me. I had a two piece suit on and his other hand went inside my top and he was fondling my bare breasts. I was so turned on I didn't try to stop him and tried to act like I was listening to everyones conversation. I had no idea what anyone was saying and just kept closing my eyes and trying not to make any sounds. Within a few minutes I began moving my pelvis in and out without realizing what I was doing. For the next five minutes or more I think I orgasmed three times.

By that time we dropped off two of our friends and I moved over to sit on the seat, I did see his penis for a moment but he put it back into his bathing suit. We never said a word to each other the whole time this went on. When Mike took me to my house Luke kissed me on the cheek and said maybe he would come back next summer. I got out of the van and could hardly walk I was so nervous about it. I still can't believe I let him do that to me.

I had masturbated myself a lot of times before that but I don't think I was ever satisfied more than I was that day. I never saw him after that but think about it very often. One of my girlfriends that was in the van that day asked me if I really liked Luke. I told her I did and she just sort of smiled and said she saw what he was doing to me. I denied it right away and told her she was crazy, but I'm sure she noticed how I was reacting to it. I don't think I made any sounds but for a short time I kept closing my eyss and moving my pelvis as he fingered me. She ended up telling my other friends what she saw and they still ask me about it sometimes. I always tell them it didn't happen but I think they know I am lying about it.

Last week I finally did admit it to Connie who is Luke's cousin, making her promise not to tell anyone else. I think they all knew anyhow but it is to embarrassing to admit it to the rest of my girlfriends. No other boy has ever touched me like that and I can't explain why I let him do it to me. I do know that I was never more aroused before that or since then. I still think about it almost everyday especially when I masturbate.

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