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Single Life

I have taken interest in a female that is near my age, quite attractive for her age. I must say she is quite the star athlete when it comes to adult passion. I give her two thumbs UP, When we start to kiss, all sorts of desire and lust shine thru. Our hands start to explore each others body, I play with her breasts, which are 38dd and transparant nipples, my hands start groping, caressing as I work my way down her beautiful body to feast myself on her vagina.

It is shaved so nicely. As I begin to part her wet lips she is starting to moan, a whimper of desire. She reaches down to stroke my 6in cut penis, getting into the feelings of no return. I told my lady to slow down, while she screams and says finger her faster, don't stop. I close my eyes then I felt another hand appear from behind, rubbing my anus and balls then opened my eyes to see a male stroking his hard penis rubbing the tip on my butt crack while my lady continued to work my penis, One hour later many orgasms have occured. To be continued...

Posted on: 2009-12-30 00:00:00 | Author: