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The Godmother

I'm a pussy hound, no doubt about it, especially when it came to older women. I've had women as lovers who were twice my age; a friend of my mom, a former boss, an Air Force officer, schoolteachers, a couple of college instructors, even an aunt who was horny for me.

As I was driving back to my apartment, thinking again how I was going to try to seduce my 50-something landlady, I remembered that my godparents lived not too far from where I did. That's when I recalled my godmother, 'Elaine'.

Elaine was short, with short dark hair, a firm body, and she always wore skirts and dresses. I didn't think anything at the time when I was younger, but when I was in my 20s, seeing pictures of her in family photo albums, I saw that she had a very nice body, and, most important to me, since she wore skirts and dresses constantly, great legs, usually in pantyhose and heels. That inspired me to head to her house, and think how I was going to seduce her.

Well, I pulled in front of her house. Fortunately for me, my godfather was gone for the day at work. I knocked at the door, and she opened it. She was wearing a sleeveless knee-length tan dress and matching heels. She looked good. She smiled and then hugged me.

'How are you, X? It's been a long time!' She led me to the kitchen, where we sat and talked. She got up at one point to make coffee. As she stood there, I looked at her ass (nice) and calves in heels. I was hard, and began thinking about how to make a move on her.

She said without turning, 'I can feel you looking at me X, like I'm a steak and you're hungry.' I was embarrassed. She turned to me and smiled. 'I'm glad I can still excite a man. I know you came here for a piece of ass, and I'm glad.' I felt a rush of heat and got up.

I got behind her, grabbed her shoulders, and began kissing her neck. She leaned back, her eyes closed, and I pulled her to me, feeling her hand slide over my hard penis.

'Mmmm. That's nice,' she purred. I pulled up her dress, exposing her pantyhose, and I slid my hand down the front of them, and started rubbing her.

'Oh, God! That's so good, X. Keep it up!' I kept up my masturbating her, her breathing becoming faster and faster.

'Oh, God, that's so good! Oh, God, oh, shit, I'm coming already! AAAAAAH!' I held her up as the orgasm took over, her body bucking.

When she recovered, she told me to take her to my apartment, as she didn't want to be home just in case my godfather came home. We had a relationship off and on for a few months until she told me she felt guilty and ended our affair.

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