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Self and Mutual Pleasure

Hi, Love your site and stories especially those from older women, as I can relate more to those being in my mid 60's. My one experience you posted was about a train ride when I was way younger! I enjoyed reading the 'story' of older women who enjoy masturbation, and would like occasionally a man for oral. I have never had sex with a woman, but on few occasions have seen women who...well, I'd like to try first time. But...did not feel they were "approachable" oh well! Maybe one day!

I love having least once a day and quite often alone with my various 'toys'. But most of the time just gently rubbing my clit (lot of time in middle of night, when I am alone and...well, just decide to see if I can get aroused (I do most of the time!). No planning just decide to..cum!

Also, my boyfriend does not get hard enough to penetrate unless he has Viagra (fortunately using part of pill i.e. cutting it in half) works. However, we both get great sensations from masturbating usually ourselves as...we know how to how to get best pleasure. However, I do love it when he does oral on me frankly (and he knows this!) I get really big orgasms from oral, and not from intercourse (though of course I like him in me!)

Fortunately my clit is large or larger than ones I have seen on internet sites, which makes more for him to suck on, MmmMmm. As I get so much satisfaction from oral (I don't cum a lot but the feeling is so damned intense never like this when he is in me!). I'd like to cum more but never found out how i/we could make this happen, and I do try by really squeezing myself as I cum. If other women do manage to cum more this way- please let woman like me know!

He just likes me to stroke around his scrotum area as he masturbates (I tend to be bit rough, and he is circumcised), and this way we find gets him really aroused. He cums even if he is not as hard as he'd like (oh well!) Our fave technique is for him to cum just fingering me. Then, once I have short 'recovery' period ---a few minutes, he does the great oral on me. After I cum I then work on him as by this time he really is aroused, and we get him a nice orgasm.

So, guess if you have an older guy who does not get really hard at times have him practice oral (if he has not already!) and yeah, needs practice to get best technique! And like the 'anonymous' woman, I often wonder how many woman at my church (and other places where I see women of my age) also self indulge! Wish more older women would 'share', as I'd like to think that I am NOT one of the few older women who self indulges. Having written this, and getting somewhat aroused, and alone, I think I will get my fave dildo and give it and me a work out!

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