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Bi Woof

I am bi-woof. In my school guys who like guys, who are into sports are called woofs. I like guys and girls, but guys a little bit more. Everyone in my school knows that I like both guys and girls for when I was in eight grade and I made out with a guy and a girl at the same dance, I never had to 'come out' I just made out with who I liked.

I also hang out at the gym a lot. When I was 13 my mom, who knows of my diverse interests, signed me up for I think it was cheaper than a baby sitter. Anyways I am gym rat, and I look like it too.

My upper chest is solid. My abbs are pronounced, my arms are huge. I run cross country in the fall and track in the spring so I am all muscle, no fat.

Yes I have whacked off in the shower in the gym I do not how many times. When I have practice at school I am always the last to take a shower so I can enjoy all the shirtless guys and jerk it if I am by myself, or if I have company well boyz will be boyz.

Anyways every so often you see this kid and his old man. The old man is trying to 'butch up' the kid by lifting. It never works, trust me.

Aaron is just that kind of kid. His old man took him to the gym, to try to put some meat on him. He is pretty just the way is though.

I got to know him spotting for him, and I took him on to the basketball court. He can not make a basket if his life depended on it. I told him I am a woof and he knew already, for some I am friends with some of the guys at his school.

Finally I asked him to spend the night. His old man was elated, for I do not come across as bi. We planned to meet at the gym, lift a little, go into to the pool and fool around and come to my house.

My mom is a single mom and works at a hospital. They pay her more to work late at night, so now that I am older I am accustomed to sleeping all by myself.

So me and Aaron played play station for a while, and it was getting late, and I had weekend practice on saturday, so we turned in. We were stripped down me in my boxers, Aaron in his cotton white boxer briefs and I pulled my pecker out.

I started to get hard just looking Aaron. He looked down at and said to me 'I am not like you I am just not ready yet'. Disappointed I went to put my pecker back in my shorts.

He then said 'hold on for a second there is something we can do.' He pulled my boxers down to my ankles I then just kicked them off. I was lying there fully hard just waiting. He pulled down his boxer brief and I damn near shot my load just looking at his cock and ballsack.

He grabbed my cock and I took the biggest deep breath I have ever taken in my life and closed my eyes. He started stroking my dick stopping every so often to tickle my nuts. It was a amazing, I just tilted my head and he started to kiss me.

He put my hand on his now firming dick and I just started to play with to get him hard.

After a few minutes of joy I shot my load. I told him I loved him as I jizzed. I have never told anyone that before.

I keep my cum rag by my bed and I towelled off. I then went to work. I stroked him up and down stopping every so often to tickle his cock or nuts. Finnaly he jizzed, and I kept going. I licked his stuff off my hands, and toweled him off. I then went to put my boxers back on and he stopped saying that that night we sleep buck naked. So I tossed our shorts on to the floor.

I have slept with both guys and girls, and even when I am bi jackoff before I go to sleep, I had always put my boxers back on after the deed was done.

The next morning we started to make breakfast when my mother got out of bed. There we were just two boys making pancakes me in my boxers, Aaron in his boxer briefs.

Mom pulled me aside, and asked if I was in love. I nodded my head. She told me that she looked in on us when she got home and saw our shorts on the floor.

She told me I should give Aaron my class ring, which I did. He wears it from a chain on his kneck. I wear his on a hemp necklace he bought a few weeks later.

I am proud to be a woof. Mom even took us to a gay pride celebration over an hour away. We made some excuse to spend the night so Aaron's parents would not question. And ya me and Aaron have done other stuff than just jack each other off. I love Aaron, and he loves me as much as two teenagers can love each other.

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