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I Saw Him at School

It was my fault totally. I had been flirting with him quite outrageously in my science lesson. He is a new teacher in the school and quite unprepared for entering a domain of female adolescence in an atmosphere of sexual denial. As a boarding school there are no opportunities for sex, (apart from with each other, which, despite the teacher's denials, DOES happen.)

Anyway, I had been flirting in my own way. I had my shirt open one button too far, I was not wearing a bra and I made sure that, when he was across the room and he looked back at me, he could see up my skirt. At one point I made a point of sitting with my knees almost painfully apart. Just the thought of him looking made me incredibly horny. Well, more horny than I already was. My attention was taken by the location of the room. His study backed onto it and I realised that the building next door housed a lavatory. From there, it should be possible to look into his room.

After class I hurried to the lavatory intending to masturbate while looking into his room. Now, the lower part of the windows to his room are frosted glass, and so were the lavatory windows, but I discovered that by standing on the seat and pushing the little window open I could see a good deal of his room. I stood there with my hand in my knickers and started to touch myself. Then, he entered the room. (This was better than I hoped for) He shut the door behind and sat in his chair which I could clearly see. Then, he unzipped himself, got his cock out and started to wank himself. I only hope it was me he was thinking about.

I timed my movements with his and tried to will him to think about what he saw. I imagined him kneeling in front of me in the science lab and pulling my white knickers to one side before... but thats as far as I got. As I watched I saw him erupt white sperm all over the floor and with it I came long and hard imagining him shooting it all up inside me. I actually peed a little into my knickers too. Oh, I so hope he was enjoying me.

I will flirt with him again next week and this time I will do something even more daring. Perhaps I will wear a thong or even nothing under my skirt. Would I, you know, do it with him? Oh yes. Anywhere and anyhow he pleases. I would love him to be my first.

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