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Under the Covers

Every once in a while, my friend, let's call her Ellen, myself, and a friend of mine, let's call him John, would go over Ellen's house to watch some movies. Well, one time we watched movies John and I got more than friendly underneath the covers of Ellen's bed.

It all started out pretty innocently. Ellen and I had just finished eating and John knocked at the store. We all sat down in her parlor when I suggested we go upstairs to Ellen's room and started watching the movies. Ellen and I had gotten on the bed then John lay on top of me. I went into thinking how far this will go. I started stroking his face, his hair, and his legs, and so on and so forth. Meanwhile Ellen didn't suspect a thing. I held his hand for a little. I knew something was going to happen when he starting rubbing his foot with mine.

It was around the middle of the second movie; Ellen decided to just move her recliner next to her bed because it was crowded with three people on a single twin bed. I slid to wall and John pushed up where Ellen was. It had been extremely hot in her room so Ellen had turned on her air conditioner. I wasn't wearing too much so I was cold. I asked him if it was alright if I slid under the comforter and he said he would join me to make it comfortable for the both of us.

As soon as we got under the comforter, it all started. He started drawing little circles on my clothed right thigh. By then I was extremely horny, I moved his hand down lower so it was closer to my pussy. He got the hint and started to move his hand over little by little. Pretty soon he was rubbing the slit of my pussy. I will never forget the feeling. It was a tingling that just got better every time he went further. Then he started to finger me. I was still wearing my pants and underwear. I knew he wanted me to take them off, hell I wanted to, but I knew I couldn't do that in Ellen's bed.

So, I stopped his hand and started a little fun of myself. I got myself closer to him and started rubbing his stomach. I slowly went lower and started to rub his now rock hard cock. That drove him wild. The look on his face was priceless. I kept rubbing faster and faster. I looked at the clock and realized I had to get home. John was just about to come and I wanted to see at least one of us get completely off. So as I was rubbing I started to kiss his neck. He shot off his load in pants so I got him a towel. He cleaned up and we both left. I still don't remember what he did with that towel. Well that's my story... I have to go I'm watching movies at Ellen's house with John tonight... I'm sure I'll have a good story tomorrow.

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