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My Girlfriends Little Sister

My girlfriend and I have been dating for about two years now, and things are pretty serious. However throughout the whole time I felt attracted to her sister, and her sister always seems to look at me weird ways. I never thought that she liked me in that way. I'm pretty average, taller, slight body build due to sports in high school, and a tan. Nothing to get too excited about. This story happened a few weeks ago, much to my surprise.

I was over at my girlfriends for the night, her parents already asleep, so it was just me and her and her sister. My girlfriend Christy was watching tv and trying to fall asleep on the couch. Her little sister who is only a year younger than me got up and said she was going to bed and left. A few minutes later, I got up and went to the bathroom which is right next door to her bedroom. Normally I just go in and get what needs to get done, done. But this time I didn't really have to go, I just wanted to make sure I wouldn't have to get up throughout the night to use the facilities. Before I entered I noticed my girlfriend's sisters (Kim) light was still on, I knocked on the door and she told me to come in. I did, and asked her whether or not she wanted the light off since she already looked quite comfortable under her covers. She said no, it was okay because she wasn't quite ready for bed yet. She asked me to sit down so we could talk.

Very cautiously I sat on the side of her bed, since I was already aware of the attraction I felt towards her. I kept my distance. We just bantered around a bit, and I got up so I could leave after a few minutes. She said wait, "Just a sec, come back." I turned around and sat back down, really wanting to go into the bathroom to think about her and cum. She grabbed my hand and before I knew what she was doing she shoved it under her covers, and much to my surprise she was completely naked minus a bra. She told me to feel her body, and then take off her bra. Needless to say I was surprised still and hesitated for a moment. She asked what was wrong and I told her that her sister was in the living room watching tv. "Ahh no big, she'll be out there for hours. She won't even know."

Eventually after I calmed down, I took her bra off and fondled her boobs. She started to moan a bit, and I asked her why. I mean I have been with girls before, they usually save the moaning for other things. She told me that she had never been touched by another person, she usually did this herself. As soon as the words escaped her mouth I instantly became hard and slightly longer. I laid down next to her, me still fully clothed. She made room for me on the bed. I asked her if she would take my clothes off and she said yes. Slowly she took my shirt off and stared at my exposed chest. I heard a gasp, as her hand touched my penis, which was now even longer. I slowly leaned over and kissed her on the lips. She kissed back, very passionately. Suddenly she ripped off my pants, and underwear, and threw them on the side of her bed on the floor. We were both completely naked, and she looked at my body. "Can you do me a favor?" She asked eyes pleading. I told her yes, anything. "Please play with me, finger me, anything... I've never had anyone other than me touching my body, and I just want to know how it feels." I agreed, and she instantly asked again "Can I touch you?" Of course this wasn't an issue, I shook my head rapidly. "Of course." She started to slowly stroke my dick, and I put my hand in between her legs.

While she was stroking me, I could feel her pussy getting wet, my hand still not yet inside her wet lips/folds. As I started to get wet, she opened her legs, exposing her pussy to my hand. I quickly lifted the covers and saw the most BEAUTIFUL pussy I've ever seen! She was completely shaved, and so tight that her lips didn't come apart when she parted those legs. I couldn't help myself, I stuck one finger inside her immediately. She moaned and arched her back instantly, but only slightly so anyone walking by couldn't hear. "Ohhhhh my... oohhhh." She let out. "Use another finger, and go deeper please." She asked, as I was unsure what to do with this request. "Are you sure, I don't want to hurt your or something like that." I replied. "Yes, please... I ... really want to feel as close to what it would feel like to have your dick inside me." She said, looking down and under the blankets. "And judging by that thing, I'm gonna need a few more fingers before we're close enough." She smiled, tossing the blankets off. "Okay." I said, sliding my middle finger and ring finger in her. Again she gasped and arched her back this time moving those hips of hers. All at once I remembered that she was a cheerleader in high school, and that was what originally caught my attention, the way she moved her hips. Never did I think I'd get to see them in action like this!

I kept shoving my fingers in slowly, and arching them upwards in hopes of finding her g-spot. She kept stroking me, and eventually I got up and stopped her hand. I opened up her legs, bent down and started licking that wet pussy. By this time it was almost gushing wet, and very loud to touch. She moaned a lot louder than even she expected I think, but after a few seconds we decided no one heard and kept going. I stuck my fingers back inside her, and continued licking while searched for that spot. All of a sudden she bucked her hips up and started moaning louder. "Uhhh I'm cumming! YES! YES YES! " As soon as she came down from her orgasm she looked at me with a certain look like she was completely in pleasure still. She took my hand and put it back on her pussy, I started to rub again. Almost immediately she bucked her hips up again, and started moaning and clawing at the sheets. This time she arched her back as far as it would go, and all of a sudden she squirted! It seemed to last forever, so I decided to take advantage of it. I put my head right in front of her pussy, and started to lick her as she squirted into my mouth. It tasted SO good, I cannot begin to describe it. After what seemed like a minute straight, she finally came out of it, and set her hips and back down on the bed. She looked at me and apologized profusely for squirting. "I didn't mean to pee, I'm so sorry that has never happened before!" She was almost in tears, when I smiled. "Don't worry, you didn't." I motioned to the bed and other areas where she "peed" and she looked. "See it's clear, not pee. You just came literally, and I loved it!" She looked in amazement at what she did all around her bed and other areas where she managed to shoot in her room before I started to lick her.

I cuddled up to her without another word and we laid there for about ten minutes, then I told her I had to get going and get back to her sis. She nodded, but not before she showed me again a quick sample of what her hips can do. I left and went to go find my gf already asleep on the bed/couch in the living room. I laid next to her thinking about her sister, Kim.

Later that night around 3am, Kim came into the living room and crept into bed next to me, and put her arms around me and her head on my chest. My gf woke up at around 6am to find me and Kim in this same position, and woke us up. "What is going on here?" She said, in not so many words. Kim and I exchanged quick glances, and still able to pull off the groggy morning attitude she acted just as surprised and said she thought I was her and sorry. I apologized as well, but I don't think she exactly believed us.

Since that night, I kept thinking about her, and she has been sending pictures to my email address of her in very skimpy lingerie. I can't wait until next time I spend the night!

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