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When I started to work for my present company I was a low man on the totem pole. The woman I worked for was 25 and she owned the firm. Her name was Jenny and she was average looking because she didn't wear a lot of makeup and always had her hair in a bun with a pencil in it and thick black rim glasses. We got along and I slowly worked my way up. In three years at 31 I was her top guy and she let everyone know. We also became good friends since we worked closely together. At least one a week we had lunch together and twice a week dinner. We both were single and didn't date often.

When I received an invitation to a friends wedding I asked Jenny to be my date. She asked me why and I told her we both needed to get dressed up and enjoy an evening out. Jenny smiled and told me yes she would go. I went to her townhouse the night of the wedding and when Jen opened the door she knocked my socks off. Jenny had her hair straight, contacts in and more makeup on and looked amazing. I actually asked where my Jenny was. She told me she did need this and gave me a kiss on the lips. After breaking the kiss she told me I looked very handsome.

The wedding was great and all my friends asked who my date was. A few of my friends who are women told me what a good looking woman she is. As we slow danced to a song Jenny told me I had a lot of nice friends. She said that one actually told her I was a good catch. I laughed and Jenny then said I think you are a great catch. We danced a lot and ate good food and had a great time. When we arrived at her place Jenny invited me in and asked me to join her in her bedroom. Once in I helped unzip her dress and saw her wearing very revealing underwear.

Jenny turned and her nipples were hard and she took off my jacket, shirt and pants. I was hard and she asked if it was for her. I told her I worked for her and was hers. Jenny smiled and pulled down my boxer briefs and smiled. She started to rub my dick and I went harder and Jenny started to really jack me off. In about 30 seconds I told her I was going to cum and I exploded on her legs. After she was done it was my turn. I unhooked her bra and kissed and sucked on her nipples. I then took off her panties and like a dog sniffed her crotch. I picked Jenny up and carried her to her bed. I spread out her legs and started to return the favour and fingered her pussy lips and clit.

When Jenny had her orgasms she moved around like a caged tiger. When I joined Jenny at the head of the bed she told me she needed that. We rested and Jenny said she now had a problem. I asked what was it and she told me I couldn't work for her since she wanted to keep seeing me. I smiled and she laughed. Jenny then asked me to buy 50% of her company and we would be partners. When I asked if she wanted to shake on it she told me no, but we can fuck to it. So Jenny and I sealed the deal with an incredible night of making love.

That Monday Jenny came in with a new lease of life and dressed the part. When we told the workers most were happy and a few said it was about time.

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