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A Little Pool Fun

My aunt has an amazing pool, and all our family was invited to a summer party that's when it all started.

I have a cousin that is a year younger than me, he is just as tall, and has a whole skater dude look going on.

So we all started swimming and after a while, I noticed that he kept staring at me, and I truly had no idea why. We kept having fun in the pool when I felt something grab my cock. I turned and saw my cousin with a grin, and clearly that got me hard.

He said 'looks like someone is enjoying me' and I totally got pissed, and socked him.

After we had finished, I went to a room to change and as I was drying off, I felt something grab my ass, and I turned to see my cousin there naked. I had no time to respond, he bent down and quickly got my already hard cock, and he began to jack it off.

I just stared, it felt so different, and I enjoyed it, I then bent down and grabbed his, and started jacking him off. I am 7in. and have been for a while, and he was I would say around 6in. at the time. He started to jack me off faster and faster until I just shot a HUGE load. I didn't warn him so he got all sticky. He came soon afterwards, and once we had cleaned up, I told him to never tell anyone.

We have never told anyone and we still jack off together, go figure.

Posted on: 2018-07-24 00:00:01 | Author: