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The Tummy Touch

A couple of years ago I had found out that my girlfriend (of a couple months at the time) was easily turned on when touched on her stomach, or in that area.

So baring her stomach was like going topless or nude to anyone else.

One of the more delightful things about her is that she is rather well endowed but it's not just the size of her bust, it's that she likes to bounce and jump around a lot, so she has plenty of jiggle in that area.

About a month later of this discovery of her tummy fetish (I guess?) we travelled to a pop culture or comic convention (something along those lines, plenty of cosplayers (costume play) around anyway).

She had dressed up as some scantily clad elf girl with long black gloves on. I noticed every now and then she would slowly rub a hand over her stomach, I guess in the same way one would fondle a breast or their genitalia.

So once we got in we wandered around and I took photos of other cosplayers while my girlfriend (J from here on in) accompanied me.

Behind me I heard this high pitched squeal, like someone was a fan of a show or something. I turn around and I see a girl of about young twenties, maybe 19 at the youngest, jumping up and down at the sight of J as her character was from the same series and of course as soon as J realised she did the same thing and did her usual happy bouncy thing so her breasts were jiggling every which way which soon got the attention of every guy in the building wanting photos of her and with her.

J is relatively tall as well, about 6' maybe 6' 1', I'm 6' 3' myself, so most of the other girls (and guys) came up short against her.

Anyway this first girl, F1 (fan 1) was wearing some fancy outfit and had short gloves on and when taking photos she wrapped one arm around her in some pose and her hand was on J's stomach and I noticed her flinch a little, in such a way one would when you touch a woman's breast accidentally, though this was doing more for her sexually than anything else.

Many more photos and many more arms around her mid-section later she was getting rather flustered, so we decided to head to the car and get a bite to eat and so J could change her costume to something that covered her better.

Just as we were leaving the main hall, the same fan we met earlier had appeared but with two her friends.

F1 wanted her friends F2 and F3 to get photos with J as they were fans of her character, So F2 and F3 posed with J and that was that but then F1 wanted another photo in an outside shot, so she got in a pose and wrapped her arm around her again, though this time she had altered her costume so now she was wearing some kind of long leather glove and I could see the change in J's eye almost instantly. Once that was done I mentioned food just to get her mind off the just then photos and she did a little jump for joy thing and when that happened, her top broke right off, exposing her ample bosoms and a flurry of photos went off like at a press conference.

J attempted to cover herself up while I picked up the now broken top/bra thing and we dashed off to the carpark.

As soon as we got into the car, J got in the backseat and started fingering herself like crazy. She said amidst the panting that the last photo was what sent her over the edge and having her breasts shown to the world sent her into a frenzy.

I just watched her for about a minute, rubbing her stomach with one hand and fingering her pussy with the other.

I then got into the back seat and started rubbing her stomach and almost 'fingering' her belly button in a way I guess. her belly button was essentially like a second pussy for her.

I would have my palm rubbing around her belly button on her stomach then every so often, would slide the tip of my finger into her belly button, in such away like one would be fingering.

I then put up clothing or whatever I could find over the windows of the car so that no one could see in, while it was somewhat of an underground one so it was dark, you still could see a bit in.

J then pulled down my pants (was wearing just track pants) and told me to get on top and thrust or whatever you could call it my penis and testicles on her stomach. Just as well we had a big car as this was not so easy.

I was rocking back and forth over her stomach, mostly my testicles were rubbing against J's stomach. She then put a hand just below her stomach with the palm facing up so my balls would rub against her cotton(?) glove while her other hand was still managing to finger herself somehow.

With all this motion going on, her breasts were somewhat oscillating with the motion of the car which turned me on just that bit more. I managed to bump on the CD player of the car, as I have a remote for it and hit that and much to my surprise it was a rather bassy beat type song so the subwoofer in the boot of the car was thumping a bit. The vibrations were getting to J as her stomach was about in the middle where the subwoofer was and this was sending her a little more wild as it was like a vibrator.

So me more or less rocking/thrusting on her stomach, the jiggling of her breasts and the thumping of the subwoofer, it was a pretty interesting situation and making J more and more hornier, then all of a sudden she grabbed my testicles to which I somewhat jumped and then just came all over her stomach which made her orgasm and when she orgasms, she does an almighty moan that would raise the dead, fortunately for us, the music was going. After I had came, J was having multiple orgasms, though not being as loud as the first, I managed to find a towel and wipe off my bodily fluid, albeit in a way that made her just a bit more crazy which I like to do.

After she had calmed down, we managed to get changed (I got in the front seats), I was now wearing some kind of formal attire that made me look like a butler (suit, white gloves and a posh accent to boot) while she was in some other character outfit.

Though this time when we ventured out (after making sure no one was around) I had my arm around her waist and was fondling her stomach, just to keep her happy.

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