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Busted in the Worst Possible Way

I work in a large department store. One of my duties is to check the floor especially at the end of the day. Usually, people come flying in three minutes before closing and spend ages chosing nothing. It's really annoying. So this day I was on the women's clothing floor. As a trainee manager I am on a rotation of all the departments. At the end of the day the floor manager told me to check the changing rooms. There was no one there, but I called out anyway before walking between them pulling the curtains back and checking. In the very last one, something caught my eye. On the floor behind the little bench that is in there was a small pair of pale blu cotton panties. And they were, well, not new ones if you know what I mean. I was hard in a heartbeat. The mre thought that a sexy woman had taken these little panties off in there to try something on and forgotten them was very horny. I picked them up and looked into the crotch and sure enough they were used. They had still moist stains in them and they smelled fantastic. That lovely sweet sexy scent with the faint hint of pee. I pulled the curtain and had my cock out and started to jack off. I fully intended to cum right into the crotch. I guess I got lost in my own little world because the next thing I knew the curtain had been pulled back and there was a woman around my age, maybe a little older looking at me with total disgust on her face. I couldnt hide what I was doing and was well and truly busted. I thought the woman was going to call out and I will freely admit, I really hoped she would step in and join in or something. (Well, a guy can dream, right?) Well she stepped in alright and closed the curtain. She steepd up real close to me and for a second I thought she might take my cock in her hand. Instead she started talking. 'You fucking little perv. Do you like what you are doing? Did you think for one moment a woman would have deliberately left her panties in here for you to jack your miseable little cock over? You are nothing but a small dicked little cocksucker. Look at you, smelling my panties. You probably can't get the real thing can you? No woman in her right mind would grant you the privillege of smelling her for real. Well let me tell you Mr Pervert, I have a small bladder problem and I pee in my panties sometimes. You are smelling more piss than pussy. I should make you fucking lick that piss right out of there.' All I knew was the utter humiliation of the situation and what she was saying was highy erotic and with a sudden lunge I shot my load right across the cubicle. She kept on talking all the time. 'You fucking miserably little cunt. Is that all? Is that all the spunk you can shoot? WHat good is that to a girl? You might as well jack of with your friends because you sure as shit will get laughed at if a girl sees THAT miserable little load.' As I finished she said 'Now, put my panties on for me.' She made me kneel as she stepped first into one leg hole then the other. Then she told me to pull them up real slow. As she did she lifted her skirt and said 'Look at my pussy. Look at what you are NEVER going to touch or taste you fucking little worm.' Then she told me to lie down. I still thought that I was maybe in with a chance and that maybe she got off on humiliating guys. I lay down and she half squatted over me. Then she peed all over me and walked out.

I tell you, I have never EVER been so turned on in my life. I LOVED every minute of it. If she had told me to eat her shit I would have done it in that moment. It has given me many a happy hour jacking off since. As for my job, I still find items of clothing left in the changing rooms. Apparently it is far from unusual. So now, I have a growing collection of panties from women from about 16 to mid 40's Its all good to me. The one thing is, when I jack off, I imagine them all humiliating me in just the same way.

Posted on: 2009-07-12 00:00:00 | Author: