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How I Learnt To Wank

A bit like your first day at school, your first kiss, you always remember the first time you experience that amazing and surprising first time you come.

I have written this for my own pleasure, however I hope you read it and enjoy it too. There's something magical about sex and how we discover it for ourselves, that colors our experiences going forward.

It was a sunny July day on a family trip to the seaside. We went to an open air swimming pool which was filled with sea water. It was quite exciting-lots of teenagers running around laughing and joking in the bright warm sunshine.

We went with family friends who had a daughter a couple of years older than me. I guess she was enjoying the hormonal assault of puberty but I was oblivious to that. Anyway she had chosen to wear a bikini.

It was the first time I had seen her dressed in a way that enabled me to imagine pretty vividly what was underneath. I was conscious of the need not to stare however I was fascinated by the pertness of her tits, the tight curves of her butt and what was between her legs.

We swam a little and mostly fooled around, splashing each other and chatted about nothing in particular. All very innocent. Of course, as she moved around I was fascinated by her body. I felt my cock getting hard and attempted to hide it by going deeper in the water.

I felt a tingling in my cock, almost like an itch. I tried to ignore it but the tingling was still there. I made some excuse about needing to cool off by swimming and turned away from my friend. I had to do something about the tingling. So I rubbed my cock against my belly. It felt good. Very good. So I rubbed some more, side to side across my cock with the palm of my hand..

Then, oh my god, what an amazing feeling. My knees felt weak and my whole body felt like it was convulsing. Such pleasure that I hadn't experienced before but was so desperate to feel again. It was a dry orgasm. My sex life had begun, albeit in unusual circumstances. I skulked around in the deep end until my hard-on subsided then carried on as normal. I don't know if anyone witnessed my pleasure, but if they did I hope they enjoyed it.

I didn't understand really how it had happened but I figured that if I wanted to experience that feeling again I would need to recreate the same circumstances. Not too easy to get to the open air pool at the seaside when you're feeling horny though!

How did you experience your first orgasm?

I'll continue my wanking autobiography in a future post.

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