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Air Bed

I had a great experience over the weekend I need to share.

One of my co-workers is getting married next month and she and her soon to be husband have bought a new home that is about an hour or so out of town.

They invited most of the team from the office out for a house-warming party on Friday. The wedding is going to be at her father's home and will be family only so this was to be our party.

I car-pooled with three women from the office and the plan was that we were going to drive home that night. Carol, the woman driving managed to lock her keys in the car when we were unloading the gifts, blocking several cars in the driveway. Her boyfriend could not run another set of keys out until Saturday morning so we all decided to stay overnight.

One of the women I drove up with is named Monique. When we first started working together I always felt she had a crush on me but I never asked her out or anything. She is a short woman, 28 years old with shoulder length dark hair, big breasts and wide hips. Although I think she looks great; as is the case with many women, she is self conscious and feels that she is fat.

We all sat around in the back yard until 3:00 AM or so before heading off to bed. Our hosts have very little furniture in the house but blew up an airbed for Monique and I to crash on. I was lying on the bed in my boxer shorts, covered with a sheet when Monique came in dressed only in a borrowed t-shirt and panties and got into bed.

After about 30 seconds I was hard and wanted to make love with her. I rolled over and pressed myself against the crack of her butt. Monique rolled over towards me, saying 'don't even think about it', smiled and gave me a good night kiss. Soon she was sleeping on her tummy.

I lay beside her, looking at her ass and I pulled my penis out from my shorts and slowly began to masturbate. I came very quickly and caught all the semen in the palm of my hand and swallowed it. I don't do that very often but I did not want to make a mess and there was nothing in the room but Monique and I and the air mattress and I had nothing to clean up with.

I could not sleep and tried to masturbate again but could not stay hard. I usually use some lube and without having any, it just was not working for me.

Monique had rolled over onto her back and in the low light I could see the shape of her mound between her legs. I very carefully hooked my foot around hers and opened her legs wide. I got off of the air mattress and knelt on the floor on her side. With one hand I began stroking my cock and with the other I ran my index finger vertically up and down her crack over the top of her panties.

After a few moments she began making some low moans and I could see through the t-shirt that her nipples were hard.

After a few minutes of this I managed to have another orgasm and swallowed another mouthful of semen. I then got back onto the bed and again tried to sleep.

After about 20 minutes or so Monique suddenly got up and stood in the middle of the room. I acted like I was sleeping but watched her with one eye open. She looked a bit confused like she was not sure where she was. Then she pulled her panties down and with her legs open she ran her fingers over her vagina for a few seconds before pulling them back up. She then got back in the bed but tossed and turned for a while. When she settled down I again looked over at her and she had one hand in her underwear and was pressing down hard on her mound. She was masturbating.

Monique then pulled her panties to one side and with her other hand was sliding her fingers in and out while keeping pressure on her clit with the other. The whole time she was biting her lip and trying not to make any noise. When she came she let out a high-pitched squeal and it was all I could do to stop from laughing out loud.

As soon as she climaxed, she got up and went to the bathroom. I could see that there was a small wet spot on the mattress. I gave it a good sniff and inhaled the sweet musky sent of a healthy woman's vagina. I have never had the chance to really see a woman squirt up close and personal before.

Needless to say, I was hard as a rock again.

I lay down on my back, with my penis exposed, poking out of my boxers and pretended to be asleep when Monique came back from the bathroom.

Instead of attacking me sexually as I had hoped, she just lay down and quickly went to sleep, as did I.

I awoke with my normal morning hard-on but when I started to masturbate, more out of habit than desire, I could tell that like the night before I would not be able to get off easily and gave up and got dressed. As soon as I was up, Monique came in and began to deflate the air mattress. I could tell that she was looking at it closely to see if the stain was still there. It was not. We folded it up, stuffed it back into the bag it came in and left it with the sheet in the corner of the empty room.

The entire time, Monique would not look at me and seemed uncomfortable when I was around. However; on the ride home we sat together in the back of Carol's car and she fell asleep leaning against me and ended up with her head on my lap. Thinking about the night before, I got hard and enjoyed the feeling of Monique's face pressing on my penis; while I listened to the other women talk about their respective boyfriends.

I am going to ask her out on a real date but in the meantime I will keep re-living that night when I jerk-off.

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