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After the Game

I couldn't move, I just sat there thinking of what humiliation I was just put through and the shame that I enjoyed it. I stared at my locker, still in my lacrosse uniform a white and purple sleeveless jersey top and a black skirt. I am just 4 feet 10 inches tall, long brown hair with blonde highlights, I weigh only 99 pounds wet and am lucky enough to have size 34B cups. What did she do to me? One hand rested on my lacrosse stick that sat next to me, the other I had placed on top of my skirt just between my legs.

Caleigh was in the same grade, I had so many classes with her but I never knew who she really was. She was always nice, the best player on the team, her shoulder length cherry highlighted brown hair always smelled of flowers. She was 5 feet 2 inches still short for 16 but her figure was better rounded, with a thin waist shapely legs and breasts much bigger than mine. She never had a boyfriend, and now I know why.

Just twenty minutes ago she was in here, we were the last in the locker room after the game waiting for our rides to come and pick us up. It was pouring down with rain so I simply waited by my locker, my Ipod blasting Snow Patrol in my ear. I jumped when she came up behind me and wrapped her arms around me. She, without a word, cupped my breasts and squeezed them. I couldn't help but yelp, but I could never finish. My mouth hanging open I stared upward as Caleigh began to massage my breasts.

As I replay the shocking event in my mind, I can't help but begin to rub my cunny through the spandex shorts I wear under my skirt. It is still wet, as I gently stroke it. I remember wanting to yell at Caleigh, smack her, bite her, anything, but I couldn't. She slowly put her hands under my jersey and rubbed by breasts through my pink sports bra.

My legs begin to tremble just like before. As I relive the moment, I grip my lacrosse stick tightly as I hike up my skirt and stick my hand down my spandex shorts and panties, vigorously trying to end the fever building in me. As I moan softly Caleigh kissed me on the lips to quiet my sounds of ecstasy. She pulled up my jersey and bra in one motion and began to play with my nipples in one hand as she massaged my thigh with the other.

I can't take it, I fall to my knees thinking about how I was just violated, the more I rub the more I remember. The sound when Caleigh's finger first entered my cunny and slowly slid out is the same. When she freed me of her kiss I tried to speak but her brown eyes just stared into my grey and I was rendered silent. I even have a boy friend and he never could do such a thing if he tried. Her kisses were like eating fresh strawberries.

Releasing my Lacrosse stick it falls to the floor as my free hand quickly lifts up my jersey so I can feel what I felt moments ago. Caleigh's finger nails running up and down my nipples until they were as hard as rocks. Her hand, as if by instinct knew where to go as my cunny tightened, her fingers molested my G-spot and teased my clitoris. My legs were shaking, my body wanted to buck but she held me firm.

As I knelt on my knees, I desperately wanted more as I remembered her every touch. I rubbed faster and faster only wishing I had the grace Caleigh had as she fingered me. She kissed my neck as my orgasm approached, she knew I couldn't stop, I never had tremors this bad. I moaned and squirmed in her arms as the first one hit. My body locked in to play, my butt in mid air, my only support was Caleigh's hands in and over my body.

My cum streamed out just like it did before, my body tightening around my fingers before exploding in orgasm, but to my frustration it was not the same. Caleigh had me blown away, as I trembled in her arms she continued to finger me as she massaged by tits even lighter than before. Then it happened, a rush like none other as I ejaculated all over her hand. I watched as my black spandex began to drip with an oozing liquid. I had at least four orgasms and she was just rubbing my breasts at this point..

It wasn't the same. I lay there on the floor of the locker room, my hand between my legs as my orgasm slowly comes to an end. Caleigh had me screaming and shaking, I couldn't talk, I could barely breathe. As I was in an uncontrollable spasm, Caleigh slowly removed her hand from my shorts and pulled down my skirt as if nothing ever happened. She placed my bra back over my breasts and let my jersey simply fall back into place. She gently laid me onto the bench where I shook. With a kiss on the lips she walked out of the locker room as she licked her tainted hand of my juices. My shorts and skirt looked as though I wet myself, I simply couldn't control the ejaculation.

'Good game Megan.'

That is all she said. I now lay in the locker room alone. My cell phone going off, surely my mom wondering where the hell is her daughter. I slowly got up, pulling my hand from my panties and adjusting my skirt. I stared at the sticky fluid between my fingers and smelt the musk. I then stopped and looked to where Caleigh was sitting on the bench, I didn't even notice, but where Caleigh was sitting was a wet spot. I used my clean hand and rubbed it and the instant I smelt her juice on my fingers, I knew I needed to do it again. But with the phone ringing again I quickly grabbed my stick and phone knowing this must be finished at another time.

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