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A Dream, Perhaps

Some call it 'beautiful agony'. That expression on one's face during orgasm that is almost exquisite pain, yet in reality the most profound extacy.

The stillness awoke me, and the velvelt blackness of the night wrapped me in her sensuous caress, and bade my follow. I rose from my bed and moved silently to the door and into the welcoming night beyond. The tang of coastal air touched my lips and as my tongue traced the path of the light sea breeze an almost sperm-like saltiness invaded my tongue. Far away from the few lights of the village, I stand on the shore and breath the scents of the island. I am only barely aware of saying, perhaps in time with my breathing, or perhaps in time with the gently lapping waves upon the warm sand. My consciousness seems to expand from my body and stretches both over the blackness of the ocean and the tangled, impenetrable jungle behind me. Even the smallest sound now crashes into my mind. There is so much movement around me and I seem to sense it all. I sense more than hear a rhythmic grunting followed by a primal, almost savage scream. I imagine the creatures at their rut. Their senses alive for the ever present death stalks them. Their hurried copulation and his savage ejaculation inside her.

I allow myself to let my night vision scan the deserted beach. Near me are two sets of footsteps which I follow for a while. They are close together. One larger and one smaller set. I come to a patch of disturbed sand. The footsteps seem to have rushed to this spot. As the moon spreads her glow from behind a cloud, I see the unmistakable signs of a little blood on the sand. Did she surrender her virginity on this spot? I wonder. I have an urge to be with them, so I lie down where she lay. I feel the damp sand beneath me, but perhaps it is only my aroused imagination that conveys the suggestion that I am lying in his sperm and her blood. I spread my legs. I ache to be filled. I think of her. That sudden stab of pain as she tore and the firm thrusts that lifted her from pain towards her own beautiful agony. My finger finds my clitoris and I tease her up to full hardness. I imagine her wondering, wondering if this is how it should feel, as he pumps her. Her pain turning to pleasure. I picture that utter moment of stillness as he pumps his seed deep inside her and her feeling that unaccustomed warmth and wetness deep inside her. I feel her convulse around him as her orgasm wracks her body.

The sky above me, the moonlight, the waves, the sand and the jungle splinter into a myriad of shards of light and colour as my orgasm hits and my vagina weeps the benediction of her love into the sand.

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