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Me And My Sister

My first sexual experience was when I was 12 I was talking to a mate at primary school and we some how, started talking about wanking and how that name refers to masturbating. He suggested that it was for when the foreskin folded over it looked like a wink from someone's eye.

Any way when I got home I decided to try it out and yes it looked a little like a wink but did enjoy the feeling that I got from doing it, so faster I went, until I reached my first orgasm (dry).

After this experience I decided to share my great find with my younger sister (9). She thought it was great to see my hard penis and watched. (we had seen each other naked all our lives because we shared bath time together)

It wasn't until I caught her in our parents room reading porn's at the age of 11 with her hand down her pants that I ever thought that females masturbated. So from then on for the next 3 years we would watch, masturbate together or masturbate each other, while learning about the opposite sex.

It was great watching my sister go through puberty and seeing her tits grow and her hairless pussy become hairy.

We never had sex and we have never really talked about it since then, but I hope that some day we can masturbate together again.

Posted on: 2003-08-18 00:00:00 | Author: