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Slow masturbation

I agree with other contributors that for maximum pleasure more attention might be given to the head of the penis. My wife often masturbates me in the following way and other couples might like to try it. She holds my shaft at the root with one hand while, with the other she very slowly and lightly rubs just the ball of her thumb up and down the vein along the underside of my cock and then begins to concentrate on the spot where the vein joins the cockhead. She doesn't rush it at all and continues to use her thumb to make slow circular motions just beneath the head. I soon begin to seep a lot of pre-cum as the intensity of feeling grows and she will spread this lightly all over the dome of my cock and then go back to stroking me as before. The slickness of her thumb on the underside of my shaft feels wonderful and makes my cock jerk-but she holds it firm at the base and doesn't let up. After a while my cock feels fit to burst and at last, as I begin to ejaculate, my sperm pumps out in thick gouts which roll down my rigid cock all over her fingers. Get your wife to do it for you-you will truly love it!

Posted on: 2009-03-20 00:00:00 | Author: