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With My Girlfriend's Roommate

I spent last weekend with my girlfriend, Tina. She lives in an apartment across town with her friend, Nicole. Tina and I spent a lot of friday night having some really hot, noisy sex. We felt bad that Nicole could definitely hear us, but it was just too good for us to keep quiet.

Tina had to work a 12-5 shift on Saturday, so after she left, I just watched some TV. Finally, around one, Nicole stumbled out of her room and joined me on the couch. I was stunned when I saw her. She looked really tired, but what stunned me was the incredibly sexy nightie she had on. It was nice and silky, tight around her large, round breasts and just long enough to cover her ass. I've always found her attractive and this just added to it. Usually she was always more covered whenever we'd be alone together while Tina would be out, but today she didn't seem to care.

I asked her how she was. She replied that she was still tired, something was keeping her up last night she said with a grin. I blushed a little and apologized. She just laughed and said not to worry. Then she floored me again. She blurted out 'I don't mind, it helps me get mine.' Had Nicole just admitted she masturbated to Tina and I fucking? She laughed and confessed that yes, she certainly did. All the time. She told me how she loved to listen to our moaning and dirty talk.

I can't tell you how much this was turning me on. I love female masturbation, I think it is so sexy and to now know that a woman was masturbating to the sounds of me and Tina having sex was very arousing. I soon realized that I was starting to sport an erection. I was only in a pair of b-ball shorts and soon it was evident that I was pitching a tent. And Nicole sure noticed. 'Hmmm, so that's the big cock Tina keeps telling me about' she said. She couldn't take her eyes off my crotch, which only turned me on more. Then I realized I couldn't take my eyes off of her breasts. I noticed her nipples starting to get hard and her breathing becoming deeper.

She asked to see my cock. I didn't know what to do, this felt wrong but at the same time I was so horny. She reassured me she didn't want to have sex, she just needed to see this cock she'd heard so much about. I gave in and pulled down my shorts. She smiled and thanked me. She told me she needed to go back to her room now to be alone. I said, 'wait a minute, you've seen mine, fair is fair.' In no time at all that nightie was off and she was standing in all her glory before me. She started to rub her breasts, and told me how wet she was and then asked if I wanted to watch since now I had seen it all and knew what she was going to do.

She started to slowly rub her pussy, keeping one hand on her breast. It was so hot to watch, I had to start stroking my huge erection. There we were on the couch, masturbating together. My eyes kept going from her incredible breasts to her pussy, which she was now penetrating with two fingers. Her eyes stayed focused on my cock, watching me pull harder and harder. We did this until she started to moan and screamed that she was cumming. Having been spent from last night, it took me a little longer, but soon my cum was shooting all down my hands and cock.

Later that night when Tina came home, I was still really horny from what had happened. I waited in her room for her, and when she came in I threw her down on the bed and we started to go at it. As we were, I was able to hear Nicole go to her room and shut her door. Knowing what she was doing I immediately got louder in my moans and dirty talk as three people in one apartment were all getting off.

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