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Threesome With My Best Friend

Not so long ago, me and two friends took our first holiday together. It was our last night there, and we'd been out celebrating with some friends we'd met there and ended up returning to one of their flats. Two of them shared a bed, and the other three of us took the living room. It was late and we were tired, so we all snuggled up under a blanket and started to rest. It wasn't long before I felt Michael (21, a friend we'd made whilst there) slip his hand inside my panties. Becky (18) was blissfully unaware at this point so I daren't make a noise in case she found out what as going on. I could feel his dick pressing against my ass while his fingers rubbed my wet pussy attentively.

Eventually, Becky noticed and began teasing me about it and that's when something completely unexpected happened. Michael switched places with me and began fingering her instead! So, from behind, I reached into his pants, slipping them down slightly and took his swollen cock in my hand. I could hear both him and Becky gasping slightly in pleasure and couldn't wait for his hand in my pants again.

Both me and Becky are openly bi and have kissed before but seeing her like this was totally different to anything else. Michael moved slightly so he could get to her pussy better, leaving me and her side by side. We were both hesitant to touch each other, but after a little coaxing, I felt her delicate hands reach inside my trousers and begin playing with my clit. It took me by total surprise and after a few moment paralysis, I turned towards her and began rubbing her hard nipples. She could feel how wet I was and asked me to make her that wet too. I'd never had a real lesbian experience before that so I was rather hesitant but it didn't stop me. I moved my hand from her nipples to her cunt and began rubbing her clit as she rubbed mine.

It didn't take long for her breath to shorten and all of a sudden, her legs snapped shut, locking mine and Michael fingers in and she shook violently. It turned me on so much to know I'd just made my best friend orgasm.

After a few minutes, Michael turned to me and told me it was my turn. He sat me on his lap and began sucking on my neck, encouraging Becky to scratch at my body. He told me how bad I was, how dirty I was and how he was going to teach me a lesson. He began circling my clit with his finger before inserting it inside my tight wet cunt. This time, Becky moved of her own accord and would rub my lips as he finger fucked me. It felt great and before long I was going through exactly what she had just a few moment ago.

Michael never came and we haven't seen or spoken to him since. We've talked about what happened, but with the clear understanding it would never happen again.

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