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Tried a Rubber Pussy

I was away in Ft Lauderdale on business and on the way back to the hotel I found an adult book store. I decided to stop in and see if anything good was there. While going down the isles I was thinking about being alone in the room and wondered if I could find something that would make it fun.

I found this isle that had many different types of rubber vaginas and started to wonder how they would feel. After some time I decided to buy one and bring it back to the room. I also purchased some lube to make it nice and slippery. When I got back to the room I put in one of my XXX DVD's I brought with me and stripped naked. I got on the bed and put some lube on my cock. Slowly stroking while watching the movie I got close many times but controlled my orgasm. After I knew I was worked up a lot I took out my new toy and put it on my cock. I began stroking my cock using the pussy and because of the ridges inside and the lube I was ready to cum fast. I held back for as long as I could and then finally let my cum go. I could not believe the sensations that my cock went thru during that orgasm. I was in love with this pussy and have used it many times since...

Posted on: 2003-08-09 00:00:00 | Author: