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Second Husband Surprise

I married quite young the first time. I was just 19. I met this man that was 28 and foolishly fell for him. We ended up getting married. During times that I was having my periods, I didn't want his cock anywhere near my pussy. I seldom felt any joy from it anyway, to tell the truth. The cramps were terrible. But, being the good wife that I was, I'd make sure he was satistied. I'd give him a hand job so he could cum.

When he'd climax, I'd watch him as he'd tense up and let out a noisey 'Ahhh' and would ooze some cum out on my hand. This was all I ever saw and he was the only man I'd ever been with. So, I felt this was how it was. Eventually, I caught him cheating and divorced him.

It was three years later when I was working at a pancake house. I met this customer named Jeff. He was very nice and thanks to another girl that worked there, we ended up going out one night. One thing led to another and next thing I knew we were going together. One night, things between us got real hot and intimate as we were kissing good night. Next thing I knew, I was running my hand over his hard cock in his pants. It didn't take us long and it was out. I knew he was in need of being relieved. I'd seen my ex husband like this. I started stroking his cock as he ran his hand up under my dress feeling on my legs and fingering my wet pussy. Then, it happened. I knew he was cumming from his breathing and sounds and I was expecting to see his cum oozing out of his cock. His cock blew out cum. The first of it hit me in my face! The next shot ended up on his shirt. He was thrusting his hips as he blew. I couldn't believe my eyes.

Well, I ended up marrying him and have now felt and seen his cumshots ever since. Sure beats my first!

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