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What Am I Doing

I have always considered myself a very 'normal' person. However I have come to find out that while my behavior that I once found strange is normal after visiting this site. friend 'Joe' and I were sitting around one boring evening after all our other buddies had left and we were doing the usual woman talk. Eventually I had gotten around to the 'masturbation is what we all do' topic and we got in depth in it and both got seriously aroused. So we whipped it out and started wanking, then I just gave in and grabbed his and he grabbed mine. He surprised me and started going really hard and fast and shot gobs really quick. It almost hurt. I kept at him and he took longer almost wore out my arm, but I was even more shocked when he let out a moan. I felt really guilty after that and cussed myself all the way home. But I have rationalized since and me and Joe have had other encounters since.

My biggest fear was being thought homosexual or bi, but I didn't do any of that for emotional reasons, just physical satisfaction. So I don't let fear be an issue anymore.

Posted on: 2003-07-17 00:00:00 | Author: