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First Blast

I have always enjoyed getting naked and looking at myself, back and front, in the mirror before masturbating. I usually pretend I am being watched by either men or women, and am always adjusting the mirror so I can get a better view of things. This also led to my first orgasm.

We had a workout bench in our basement which I don't recall ever being used for any exercise activities. However, I used it for many sexual activities for myself. When I was home alone I would remove my clothes and head downstairs. I would set up a mirror a few feet away so I could see myself from behind. It was a geat mirror because it was full length and pivoted in the middle for easy adjustment. My favourite position was laying flat on my stomach with my legs draped on either side of the bench, that way I could look back and see my penis and scrotum squished against the padding. Arching my back would expose everything, and seeing my ass and asshole would cause me to start getting hard. If I was on my back I would lift my legs to get a better view. Also, just spreading my ass cheeks and sitting on the vinyl felt good, knowing I would soon smell the area that I was sitting on.

As my erection continued, precum would start to come out and lubricate the vinyl padding. What a great sensation. I didn't really know what was happening but it felt fantastic. Each time I played like this it would lead a tingling feeling in my cock and balls causing me to worry and stop. Out of breath I would clean up and get dressed.

One day while going though my routine the tingling became very intense, worried I started to stand up and head for the washroom. It was too late, the sensation was too much. Cum started to shoot out of my pulsating cock. Because I was not expecting this to happen I had no towel or tissue ready. Cum was on the bench, on my hands and dripping all the way to the washroom. A mess that felt great. Soon after I found out that white sticky stuff coming out of your penis is quite normal which put my fears to rest.

After that first orgasm, whenever I played like this I was prepared for the ending, making clean up a little easier.

After rereading my story I believe I need to go and masturbate. My current fantasy while masturbating is about going to the doctor for an exam. I am naked and nervous. It is time for the backdoor part of the examination. I bend over when asked, then feel his finger penetrate my asshole. In getting an erection he says its normal, and says if I feel I need to cum then I should just let go and cum. I enjoy reading the doctor related sories.

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