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Pantyhose Dry Humping/Grinding

Here is a good one for you to try out. I was still in high school when I started doing this. Get a pair of your mom's used pantyhose, the sheer nylon pantyhose, usually the one hanging around the bathroom or a used pantyhose that is going to be washed, it would be better if you took a pair of your mom's used pantyhose because they have been worn and would fit better. Put them on, you know, slip them on or slide them on or whatever; make sure you get them on right, from toe to waist. It should just be you and the pantyhose and nothing else, no underwear between the nylon and your cock. Another point I want to make is to make sure your cock is pointing upwards, don't try to make it stick outwards against the pantyhose. Now you can use a pillow if you want or you can do without, but this needs to be done on a bed or some other soft surface, I prefer to use the pillow. When you masturbate, you do this on your stomach and grinding your crotch, your cock encased in the pantyhose, in a kind of circular up and down motion against the pillow. Believe me, the friction against your cock in the pantyhose against the pillow is great as well as the feeling of wearing pantyhose while you do this; also, the pantyhose actually makes it easier to masturbate this way. I learned this masturbation technique from an older cousin, I walked in on her while she was masturbating with a pillow, she had her jeans down around her ankles and she was in her pantyhose as well as not wearing any panties with them, but I'll save that story for the story section.

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