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Helping Out Through the Heat

It gets pretty hot in my town during the summer and my apartment becomes a hot box during the afternoon. At any given time we have about three fans cooling the place down.

This particular afternoon wasn't any hotter than normal, but it was pretty heated in the apartment. I was hanging around, watching some TV when the door opens. It's my buddy's girlfriend, Allie, who is also my best friend that's a girl.

She's a tall(about 5'10'), naturally blonde, 22 year old baby faced gal and she has a pretty great figure (32-Cs with an nice big smooth ass and a stomach that wasn't fat, but wasn't too skinny either) and this day she was wearing what looked to be her pyjamas. A pair of grey boy shorts that outlined that great ass and a striped grey and pink tank with her sexy little stomach exposed a bit. She had a pink laced bra on underneath the tank.

'Did you just crawl out of bed?' I asked as she plopped down on the love seat next to me. Her sweet strawberry scent waved over me and I melted.

'Dude, you feel how hot it is? You're lucky I'm wearing this!' she said as she cuddled up next to me.

'You bet I am,' I said coyly.

'Shutup,' she laughed and snuggled into my side. I'm kinda a big guy (about 250 and 5'9', she calls me a teddy bear) and she loves to cuddle with me. I'm sure it causes my buddy some animosity, but most of the time he acts like he doesn't even have a girlfriend. She knows this and uses it to flirt with me on a constant basis.

We joked a bit and watched a bit of the tube. The fan was blowing on us, but it was still hot. She couldn't seem to settle and fidgeted into my side for about five minutes.

'What's up, want to switch sides?'

'No it's not that,' she said with hesitance and then looked at me, 'it's just.' She stopped and almost looked embarrassed.

After a moment I said, 'It's what?' with a grin.

She bit her bottom lip a bit and then looked back up at me from my side, 'This heat it....makes me a bit....antsy.'

I looked confused and she rolled her eyes and said matter of factly, 'I'm fuckin' horny Tony.'

'Oh,' was all I could muster out of my surprise.

She grinned and I noticed her hand sliding into her waistband of those shorts. 'I'm just gonna-' she started to say, but it got lost in a sudden soft mew that purred from her mouth. Her hand worked away down there and she cuddled deep into my side, eyes closed, as she moaned softly.

Before I knew it my eight and a half inch buddy was tenting up the front of my shorts. Soon she would know it too. 'Uh, Allie,' I started, but couldn't find the words I was looking for.

She took the hint, her eyes opened and she looked up at me. 'Fuck Tony, this feels great,' she said in a deep breathy voice. Her eyes glanced down and she realized her hand was dangerously close to my rock hard cock. 'Pull that out for me,' she demanded.

I was nervous and worried, but by now the moment for that was gone. I slid my shorts off and my cock popped out of them, at attention for her. 'Holy shit that is big,' she gasped. Her hand slid out of the shorts and it was covered in her juices. She grabbed my dick and began working it up and down.

Taking the incentive, I slid my hand down her sexy tummy into those shorts. It passed over a brief strip of soft hair and onto her soaked pussy. She gasped again in surprise and lifted her ass, pulling the now soaked shorts down and tossing them to the side.

Her pussy was tight, accented by a small patch of soft blond hair, and it was soaked. She spread her legs for me as she worked my throbbing member like a pro. I started to massage her clit, but she shook her head. 'You need to stick those thick fingers up in me right now,' she demanded. I obliged and slipped two of them right in.

Immediately her fingers unraveled from my cock and her moan filled the room. I curled them up and massaged her spot as she groaned out loud. Her hands moved in one swift and amazing motion, she let those perfect breasts out, the shirt and bra tossed to who cares where. I took one in my other hand as I worked her spot over.

'Ohhh Tony...yes, oh God, yes...fuck me with those fingers,' she screamed. I upped the ante a bit and my thumb started working her clit. That got her ass up in the air as she bucked up and down into my fingers, kneading her sexy breasts over and over as I worked her good.

Her breath started to come in short gasps and she begged me to kiss her lips. I kissed them hard and broke away after a moment. I took my free hand a trailed some juices up on it. Bringing it to my lips, I tasted her oddly sweet scent. I got some more and brought it to her lips. Her tongue darted out and licked it dry, this really turned her on.

Bucking up and down on my fingers, I got just a bit more juice on my finger. This time I slipped it into her tight asshole.

Her eyes rolled back into her head and mouth wide in a silent scream I felt it immediately contract as I slid it in and out gently. My fingers were locked in that tight, hot pussy as she released her cum all over them.

After what seemed like endless spasms and hard and soft mews escaping her lips, she finally opened her eyes and a deep, breathy, 'Fuuuuck', escaped her lips. She collapsed down into my side again and I pulled my now cum covered fingers free. I tasted a bit and my cock started throbbing again. She noticed and giggled, pulling my fingers covered in her cum to her pouting lips, sucking them dry.

'Now...let me take care of that for you,' she said as she moved over me and kissed my lips.

What followed can't be considered Solo Touch material, but needless to say this was the first of many, many encounters we would soon have. We have a few other good masturbation encounters I may share on here.

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