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Lovin' the Comin'

My boyfriend and I have been together for over a year. I have always had a healthy sex drive, and he's the first guy I've ever gone out with who was actually sexually comfortable enough to experiement the way I wanted to.

Well, needless to say, we jerk each other off a lot and we love to touch and kiss. Just thinking about his eight inch cock makes me so wet!

Anyway, on one particular night, we were lying on the floor underneath a blanket, watching TV. I was horny (as I usually am when I'm that close to him) and I began to kiss him. I could feel myself getting wetter and I was aching to feel pressure on my clit. I continued kissing him and then I slipped a hand under the blanket and into my panties. I began stroking my clit with my entire hand, and after awhile, he noticed my arm movements. 'That's so hot,' he said, pulling me closer and kissing me deeply. I kept stroking and slipping fingers in and out of me. It felt so good.

'You know what would be hot?' I asked him, panting a little.

'What?' he asked, nuzzling my neck with his lips.

'If you jerked yourself off right now.'

We had never masturbated in front of each other before (we usually had too much fun doing it to each other) and he smiled. 'Okay,' he said.

I watched him unzip his own pants from underneath the blanket and pull out his throbbing cock. I watched and he began pumping and squeezing and moaning.

I was so aroused, I came in the next ten seconds. I continued stroking my pussy as he came and then he kissed me.

'That was good,' we both agreed.

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