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First Boy

When I was just 16 my friend Lisa and I rode bikes to her boyfriend's house and he was there with his friend. Lisa and her boyfriend quickly ran down to the basement to make out and left me there alone with the friend.

Well as it goes we too began making out and he took me upstairs to the guest room. I had to pee so he laid on the bed and when I returned he was lying on the bed naked with a little pink hard on. This was the first erection I had ever seen and thought it was big but later discovered how small it really was, I don't know what got into me but I removed my halter-top to reveal my big boobs with puffy nipples. The guy just about flipped, I sat next to him and he began kissing my nipples and trying to pull down my shorts but I stopped him and just let him rub my crotch through my panties, he did get to see my hairy vagina and I was so wet.

I was actually scared, so I grabbed his little erection and squeezed his little balls. He was so excited but I had know idea of what to do. I knew what jacking off was from listening to the girls at school, next he took my hand and wrapped it around his penis and started moving it up and down telling me this is how to do it. I was kind of getting the hang of it but my hand was getting really tired so I just said, 'you do it now, just jack off.' He quickly began pumping himself and his hand was a blur. About 30 seconds later he began to moan and little spurts of a clear liquid sprayed all over his hand and my leg. He slowed the pumping and said, 'hear it comes.' He shot off clear over his head and the sperm hit the wall above the bed and shot after shot. He must spurted a least 8 shots of white liquid and a couple of shots hit me on the chin.

The mess was huge; I cleaned him off with his shirt and quickly left the room. I rode my bike home, ran upstairs to my room and masturbated.

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