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In the Woods

This happened a few months ago. I had finished college early, at 11:30, and had done a bit of Christmas shopping, and got the bus home as usual. I got back to my house at about 12:30, but when I tried the back door it was locked, then I remembered I had left my key in a different coat pocket.

I would be locked out for at least 2 hours, until my brother finished school and got home at about 3. Luckily it was a nice day, so I decided to go for a walk to pass the time. I would have done some homework or something, but of course I had only had one lesson that day and no homework was set for it.

I went to the shed (which was unlocked) and put my school bag in it to keep it safe, and set off for a walk. We live on the edge of the country and there is a large wood nearby which is pleasent to walk round. I walked for about half an hour whilst listening to my ipod, however my thoughts started drifting towards girls, and I could feel myself getting a hard-on. I tried to think of something else but my thoughts kept drifitng back, and I was getting really horny.

It was about 1pm at this point, and the woods are quite big, the only people around at this time would be old people walking their dogs. Carefully, I found myself a spot behind a tree which was hidden from view from both paths in the wood, and undid my fly and let my dick out. The floor was quite muddy so I didn't want to sit down, especially as I was wearing my good jeans for college. Instead, I squated at the base of the tree, and leaned against it, and began to wank. The thing that pleasures me the most is massaging the tip of my dick, instead of wanking the whole shaft, so I proceeded to do this. I massaged the precum into the head of my dick, and it started to make a squishy sound as I did it. As I was getting closer to orgasm, I started to imagine a girl somewhere in the same position as me, going into some secluded woods to have a jill, feeling very naughty and daring, doing it in public where people might see them (even if it was unlikely!) I reached my orgasm and through my head back and grunted as 4 or 5 spurts of cum erupted from the end of my glistening dick and landed on the forest floor.

I quickly cleaned up the end of my dick with a tissue, and put it back in my pants and returned home, a bit red-faced! I'd recommend this to anyone who finds themselves locked out the house for a few hours!

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