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Bus Ride Home

I was in town doing only a few things after school and got to the bus stop early, (this bus took us out of the city and usually had about 4 people on it kind of thing) but there was no one there at the bus stop, Good. Bus driver rolls up the lights are turned off, Even Better. I look in to see what looks like no one, excellent I'm gonna have a good ride home(if you can guess my temptations), I step into the bus drop my toonie into the money collector and turn to look down to find theres one person at the Very back, MY SEAT! I keep walking towards the back, it's a -hot-somewhat of a friend of mine 5'11 brown hair I'm none to good but breast size but they're a little smaller then most but she had a great body good physique, so why not, I decide I'll sit across from her and maybe talk on the ride home, she obviously noticed it was me and I guess didnt really want to talk cause she was looking away the whole way I walked down the aisle, (hoping I would come back there) but it was dark, and I just went without thinking about it.
I said Hello and she sort of tried to muster up a greeting, her greeting was more of a h-moan-ey, at the time I thought nothing of it. I sat down and proceeded to try to get a conversation going. We were talking about the bus schedule or something when my night vision started to work and I could see what's what. She had her back pack sitting between her and me leaning against her, and her (rather large) purse sitting in her lap, and it was only just now I realised her pants and knickers were around her ankles. I was mid speech when I made this discovery, I cut out mid sentence, and the only words that came to my mind (she knew I knew what was going on) and I just said 'Oh I see what I caught you in the middle of, I'll leave you to it.' and with that I pulled my headphones out and started listening to my MP3 player just acting casual.
she surprisingly moved her back pack down to the ground and put her purse with it then turned over facing me more and pulled her shirt up over her tummy -not exposing her breasts :(- and she just got back to it, what a show of what I could see with such little light. With her body movements and little whines that she was making I could tell she was getting close and ready to come but she seemed to be putting it off, I figured she wanted to end just as she got off and she got off after me, she was in this extasy state for about 5 minutes where her body was shaking ever so slightly and it wasn't her shivering. Suddenly the bus drive was slowing down, we're out in the boonies between any houses and towns who would be getting picked up, a elderly lady apparently and this encouraged the bus driver to turn on the main lights. Ooooh, there was her fully exposed between her ankles and just below her breasts in peak of orgasm, she looked so beautiful, but she panicked (the seat fully covered her from anywhere up front and the lady was gonna sat up front but since the light stayed on she went crazy and started to cum, fountains of cum poured out of her down into her pants and panties and the bus floor / seat, her breathing was sharp deep breathes and were completely cut out by a rattling metal panel where the cleaning stuff was stored, and I'm just sitting across from her looking at her and all her beauty, and all her cum, she reached down and pulled up her wet pants/knickers pulled her shirt down looked over at me straight in the eye like expecting me to say something. I simply stood up pressed the button to get the driver to stop and said 'What happens on the bus stays on the bus, maybe we'll share a bus ride home in the future' (I thought it was pretty classy) and I got off the bus.
She goes to my school but shes a grade younger but I always see her in the hall, I wonder if she'll say anything tomorrow if I see her.

Posted on: 2007-11-22 00:00:00 | Author: