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Doctor's Appt on Short Notice

What a great site this is!

This actually happened to me a few years back. I was about 35 or so, and I was getting chest pains in the morning. So of course I immediately thought heart problems. But they were not the classic symptoms, so I let it go for a few days. But the chest pains persisted, and my wife called the doctor. He was a bit alarmed, and had me come in that same day after all his regular appointments. When I got there it was late, and the receptionist and the nurses had already left. It seemed to be only the doctor and me in his offices. He had me take off my shirt, and he examined my chest, listened, asked me lots of questions, took some blood, etc, etc. All of these tests and procedures seemed to me to be quite normal for a person with chest pains. But then he asked me to pull down my pants and my shorts, and to turn around and bend over the examining table. He was a doctor that did not say too much, and I did not ask him what a prostate exam had to do with chest pains, I just did as he asked. But I was wondering why he wanted to do a butt exam. And it was only him and I in the office. Then when he did not put on rubber gloves, I got the picture. And it was exciting! I decided to let him do whatever he wanted, and I was going to encourage him. So I pushed my butt out to him a little bit, and kind of wiggled it a bit to let him know I liked what he was doing. And although I had never gotten a hard-on getting a prostrate exam before, this time just thinking about what could happen I immediately started getting really hard! And then he got some KY lube and started rubbing it on my asshole. But the way he rubbed it was nothing but sexy! In little circles, very softly, round and round. Then he would slip one finger in just a little bit, about an inch, and wiggle it a little, then slip it out again and start with the circles again. Well, by this time I was hard as a rock, and leaking like crazy. Then he reached around, took hold of my cock very gently, turned me around to face him, and gave me the greatest blowjob I have ever gotten. It did not take me long to come long and hard, right in his mouth. It was incredible to look down and see this older doctor that I did not know that well, with my dick in his mouth. Strangely, after it was all over, he got up looking very serious, and just told me to put my clothes back on. He said that what I had was simply a contracting esophagus, and gave me a prescription! Soon after this we moved to another town and I never saw him again, but he got me started in my bi-ways!

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