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I Learned To like It

She taught me to like it

When I was young I taught my best friend how to masturbate. Later, one night I was spending the night at his house and after we got in bed, I could feel he was moving around and asked if he was beating off? He said yes and asked if I wanted too. I said I had never done it in bed because I didn't want to mess up the sheets. He said, 'I'll get you a handkerchief and we can both do it'. I'd never done that and asked him to show me what he did with it. He said, 'You just lay it on your stomach to catch your cum when it shoots off'.

He said he likes to leave the lights on so he can be sure where it shoots off. I started beating when he did but I didn't want to cum on myself so held back so I could see him cum first. When he came it all went on the handkerchief so I decided, what the heck. I started beating faster but forgot how far I could shoot off and most of mine shot past the handkerchief and onto my chest. This was the first time I felt cum on me and didn't like it.

Years later, between marriages, one night I was watching TV and had a hardon and started to beat off but when I was getting close when I realized I didn't have anything to cum on but I was too close and I ended up with cum all over me again and I said to myself, I'll be prepared next time.

My first wife didn't believe in masturbation as she was rather inhibited. We only did the missionary position and she rarely initiated making love so I beat off a lot in the shower. My second was a different story. Before getting married she and I discussed the things we enjoyed and found we both regularly enjoyed masturbating but with our first spouses we had to hide in order to do it.

The first time we masturbated together was awesome. I could hardly believe we were actually side by side watching each other and learning what each other liked to do. When I told her I was ready to cum but didn't have anything close by to shoot off on she said, 'Cum anywhere you like. You can cum on my stomach, my tits, my pussy or in my mouth'. I had dreamed of all that but never had the chance. I was shaking in anticipation as I got between her legs and shot cum on her shaved pussy and watched as she climaxed rubbing it on her clit. That was the last time I needed to find something to cum on. The next time we masturbated she wanted to beat me off and let me watch her make me cum and she made it shoot off all over my chest and stomach and I learned to like it! If you're interested, I'll tell you what she did with it later but I bet you can imagine.

My first marriage was so-so sex wise but the second was unbelievable. As we get older we learn it pays to communicate and find what each other will or will not do or believe in. If it is to be successful, a good relationship needs to be one third sex.

Masturbation is perfectly normal and good for you in more ways than one. If one partner enjoys masturbating, oral sex or whatever and the other doesn't, the relationship is bound to fail. If you aren't compatible it's better to learn it before tying to knot. She also initiates half of our love making.

My second wife and I masturbated whenever we were in the mood. We caught each other doing it alone several times and neither of us was embarrassed. We would either watch or join in. The first time I caught her she sexily said, 'Hi, wanna join me?' Everyone should be so lucky! We loved putting on a show for each other and we both continue to be fascinated watching cum shoot off. When she was masturbating her clit she always asked me to cum on her fingers so she can climax watching me cum. It was exciting to watch her rub my cum on her clit and climax as her body tensed and shook as she let out loud moans of pleasure.

It even got better as the years went by.

I have a few more stories. If you would like to read more, let me know.

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