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Secret Sauce

When I was in eighth grade, I met a friend named Eddie. I went to a private school that went from Kindergarten up to eighth grade, Eddie and I both had been going to the school since first grade but we had never really talked until the beginning of eighth grade. We became friends very fast and within a couple of weeks after school began we were spending the night at each others house every weekend and the first night that I stayed over at Eddie's house we became jack off buddies. Eddie had a warped sense of humour and that extended into our mutual masturbation sessions.

Once Eddie suggested that we both cum onto a hamburger. He brought the burger into the room, put it on a tv tray, and took off the top bun. We stood over the hamburger working our penises his brown, uncut penis with a fat reddish head making an appearance with every stroke and my circumcised bluish cock. We both ejaculated onto the burger at the same time and Eddie put ketchup and mustard on the bun and put it back. When I lifted the bun, I could see our semen mixing with the ketchup and the mustard.

Originally the joke was that Eddie was going to feed the burger to his little brother who was about two years younger than us, but after we ejaculated and it was all over we quickly passed on that idea. Instead Eddie dared me to take a bite, and I did. I actually didn't think that it tasted that bad and I told Eddie. So he took a bite and spit it out and then threw the rest of the hamburger away.

After that we ejaculated on many food items, including burritos, slices of pizza, sandwiches, toast, etc. We grew out of this 'cumming on food phase' when we started our first year in High School and stopped our mutual j.o.'s in 10th grade so that we could focus on girls.

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